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Here are some helpful ways to start your own blog.

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Many people use Blogs as a public medium to reach out to viewers all around the world. Blogger is one of the big websites where a person can start a blog. Blogger is a type of social media where, as its name implies, is a place where a person can make their own blog.
First off, a person needs to know what a blog is before they start one.

A Blog can be used as a form of self- expression. Also, a blog can include links to other webpages that are applicable to the topic. For example, in my blog post titled “The Time that I Realized I was a hopeless romantic” I posted links to songs and the movie that I was referring to.

1. The very first thing you do when a person wants to open a blog is go to:, which is blogger’s website and click sign up. Now you must have a google account to sign up with blogger. Using this option ties your google account with your blogger account. Also, if you have a YouTube account, there is a choice to use your YouTube username, which is what I’ve done because I like to use it as some sort of secret identity.

2. After you choose the username you want to use, the next step is coming up with a name for the blog. The name of my blog is SuperStarzSingerz Corner. A tip is to come up with a title that is catchy. If it is catchy, that means that people can remember the name and quickly search for it on google.

3. After you come up with a name for your blog, next you have to design a blog. Blogger is the easiest to do this with because you can choose from a variety of different templates. When choosing colors, be careful not to use too bright or too dark colors. According to an article in Tiger Beat, Too bright and too dark colors can make your blog hard to read. My blog follows the color scheme of brown and Red. I choose the color Red because it’s my favorite color, and I believe that red represents passion. So in other words, writing is my passion and something I like to do to express myself.

4. The next thing to do is create the first post. In Blogger, the person hits the new post button. After hitting the new post button, they can start typing. A suggestion is to try to use Microsoft word, so that grammar mistakes or any other mistakes can be corrected. My first post was a post that introduced myself and gave various tidbits on what I will be blogging about. However, my post only contained General information, such as I like Taylor Swift, I like the Jonas Brothers, and I write songs. However, it is ok to be general because it is the first post and you may want to be general because the person can elaborate on it as the blog goes on.

5. After the person makes their first blog post, post certain tags that describe the post. In Blogger, to add tags, the user clicks the mouse on the labels column. Add labels of what you mentioned in your blog post. For example, in my last blog post titled “The Voice behind SuperStarzSingerz: A Girl With a Dream”, I tagged the post with what I mentioned such as: Taylor Swift, and her song Titles such as “ I Almost Do”, My YouTube name, and any other relevant information that relates to my post.

6. The last step is to be Consistent. Being consistent is important because it keeps your readers coming back for more. Also being consistent helps the person who is blogging write more and be able to express themselves.

These are some tips for starting your own blog. However, the best thing of all is to have fun!!!

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