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How To Make Friends


Hi girls,

This one is for all the girls who hesitate or are not good at making friends easily (Especially introverts like me). I read this article a few days ago and thought I’d share 🙂

So the foremost and most important thing is to come out of your comfort zone. Yes it will take time but try as hard as you can. You should not just talk to the most ‘popular’ girl/boy in class because sometimes that doesn’t help. Like, I would prefer talking to the new girl in my class or someone who doesn’t have enough friends (shy girls mostly) so that I can feel comfortable with them.

Secondly, you should attend every party you are invited to. In my last year, I did not attend many parties and there was a time when people stopped inviting me and that did not feel good. So this year when my class changed and I made new friends, I went to every party and surprisingly made a lot of friends. 

Be honest in all the relations that you create and in every bond that you make. Don’t feel jealous. If you think your friend is drifting away from you, then try once, twice, thrice and if it doesn’t work then it is okay to let go. Make a lot of friends and do not just stick to one ‘best friend’.

I hope this helps. If you know of any other tips to make friends, then please let me know also 🙂

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  1. spirithearts6 12/21/2016 at 9:30 pm

    I have a thing to say about the second tip. I do not think you should attend every party you’re invited to, especially if you have too much things to do. But, thanks for the advice!

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