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By: Haley, 13 (aka pussycatz)

I enjoy writing. A lot of you probably do too! Sometimes stories and essays arenít the only thing people enjoy writing. Many people enjoy writing letters to friends or family. Itís a fun way to tell people who live far away about how your lifeís going at the time. If you get the chance to write to a friends or a close family member you donít normally see, take it! Youíll always have someone to vent to and someone who can give you advice with out it being awkward or judgmental.

Some of you may be saying, but I donít have anyone to write too! MY families all close by and my friends all live near by. Well there are wonderful things in this world called pen pals. These are friends that you contact through "snail mail." These pen pals can live in a different town, state, or even country! Believe me, having a pen pal is rewarding and fun too! You learn a lot and always have the next letter to wait for! And, admit it, everyone gets excited when they get a letter in the mail.

You may say, "How do you get these pals?" Well you simply have to look up "Pen Pals" on a search engine like Yahoo or Google. If you donít want to take a chance of getting a bad website that takes your information and gives it away to anyone, you can try this website, which I use and is very reliable. This is the website: www.friendship-by-mail.com/pen-pals-for-kids.html.



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