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Tips on Keeping Your Room Neat
By: frozen88
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“How To Clean Your Room”
by: oliviamagnolia

Is your room so messy you don't know where to begin? Do you hate cleaning most of all? Well I'm here to help you. You will learn how to clean your room and keep it clean.

First you need to know one thing. When you are cleaning don't worry about organizing every shelf or drawer. Just put the thing where it goes and move on to the next thing. You can organize next. Pick up all the trash and put in a trashcan. Pick up any clothes and put in a hamper unless you are sure they are clean. Pick up any toys and put them where they go. Pick up anything that doesn't go in your room and take it to where it goes. Repeat for the other parts of your room.

Now for the organizing part. Pick a shelf or top of chest of drawers or drawer. Take everything off and sort it out. One pile for things that go there, one pile for things that don't. Then put stuff that does go there up neatly. Do this for every shelf keeping the pile of things that don't go on the shelf. You might find something that goes in another place. Now all you have to do is a quick clean every morning and night, and put things back when you're done with them. It might be a hard habit to break but if you want a clean room you have to put things back.

That's it! I hope I helped you! Have a nice day and a clean room (Ha ha ha!).


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