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Spring has sprung and there's no better time to plant a garden! Follow these fun, easy steps for prepping your garden and you'll be well on your way to growing your very first salad or bouquet!

1. Lock in prime real estate. Since most plants, need sunshine, it's important to pick a spot that receives full-on sun exposure. So, take a stroll around your yard and look for spots that get lots of sun. Note: If your yard is totally shady, don't despair! There are still plenty of things—like lettuce and begonias—that you can grow.

2. Get the dirt on your dirt. In order for your garden to grow well, you'll need to make sure you have the best soil possible! Here're things to do to make sure you're planting in the best place:

  • Test to see whether water seeps into the ground. If you pour a watering can's worth of liquid onto your soil and it doesn't get absorbed into the ground, choose another spot.
  • If weeds are growing really well in your spot, your soil is rich in nutrients and will be a hospitable place for your garden!
  • Lots of earthworms and isopods (roly poly bugs) indicate a healthy soil base!

3. Water, water everywhere. Rule of (green) thumb: Most plants require about an inch of water a week.

4. Feed me!
Nearly every garden needs to be fertilized so your plants will receive the nutrients they need. Look for fertilizers at your local garden shop and don't be shy to ask questions! The guys who work there know their stuff and are there to help, take advantage of their expertise!

Whether you chose plants or veggies or flowers or even fruits, your garden is YOUR canvas, your place. Do as you will and enjoy creating and nurturing!


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