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Decoding Your Dreams
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dream decoder

Dreams are like bizarre-o TV episodes of your life that play in your head while you sleep at night. This is because when your body is resting your mind is still racing around trying to tell you something. Have a dream you just can't figure out? Our friends at teenmag.com have put a list together to help you understand just what that dream WAS about...


  1. What or who are the main places, things and people in the dream?

  2. What immediately comes to mind when I think about each of them?

  3. Do any of the people remind me of someone else— or myself?
    (Dream characters sometimes stand for people other than themselves. Or they may represent a part of your own personality.)

  4. Do the places in the dream remind me of anywhere?

  5. How was I feeling in the dream?
    (For example, if you dreamt you were being chased by a monster, you probably felt scared. If you dreamt you were being chased by Orlando Bloom, you probably felt on cloud nine!)

  6. Are there any recent events in my life that may have influenced the dream?
    (Often the events of the past few days are reflected in your dreams.)


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