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Bio: Hi girls! I'm Allie and I love everything about being a girl. From fashion to beauty-- I most of all love knowing how to take care of myself. That's why I'm here to give fun and easy tips for being healthy. Remember, a healthy you is a beautiful you!
The Kiss I Missed

My first kiss was with the cutest boy in my grade. Well it would’ve been...

I was at a birthday party and my first boyfriend, the cutest boy in my grade, was there, too. Towards the end of the party, he asked me to follow him. I didn’t think anything of it, so I went. He led me outside! I was confused and asked him where he was taking me.

He said he wanted to kiss me. I turned bright red and my palms got all sweaty. All I could think was “Please no! Please no! I’m not ready!” As he was going in for my face, lips puckered, my heart began to race. I yelled, “STOP!” It just did not feel right, and I did not want to make myself kiss him just because he wanted to. Startled, he looked me. I shrugged my shoulders and said “sorry, not happening this time.”

I bet you’re thinking that was the end of our relationship. But no, he understood. He even respected how strong and confident I was. (I think he was a little relieved too.)

So basically, listen to yourself. You’ll know when you’re ready. Don’t let anyone pressure you.

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Be Yourself
by: Hippiechick16

Have you sometimes not acted like you? When you are with your friends, are you not yourself? Do you think that by not being yourself you can [become] part of their "group?" No. Being yourself is something that is part of your soul, not being yourself is like you lost an arm or a part of who you are. Everybody is unique! Use your originality! Be Yourself!!!!