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Shave, Baby, Shave!
Shaving doesn't have to be a difficult task, tackle it with the right products and the right know-how and feel like a pro in no time. Miss O & Friends has all the beauty pics and info you need.
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Shave Baby, Shave!

Don't be afraid to bare your legs in those cute shorts, skirts and dresses. Read our tips on how to remove unwanted leg hair and keep legs silky smooth. If you haven't already talked to a parent or guardian about shaving, you'll want to get their permission. Besides they might help you purchase the right items.

Prep Work

The best shave is easy to get when you've prepped your legs properly. There's so much more to shaving than just the razor. philosophy coconut body scrubThe first step we recommend is giving yourself a proper exfoliation. Preferably you'd want to do this the day before you shave your legs. Philosophy's Coconut Body Scrub ($25) is one of the yummiest scrubbers on the market. The great-smelling coconut smell leaves just a light lingering scent on the skin and the oil-free formula won't leave you slippery, just soft! Because it's a hot salt scrub you definitely don't want to do this AFTER shaving, the results could be painful.

It's also important that you shave your legs at the end of your shower. The hot water from your shower will make your skin softer, while the steam will also open up pores, which will make your razor glide easier over your skin.

Lather It On

Once your skin has been softened by the shower, it's time for a shaving gel or cream. gillette satin careGillete's Satin Care Shave Gel ($2) shaving creams are some of the best. They moisturize skin and allow the razor to get super-close to the skin without irritating it. Remember that all you need is a small dollop of the product. Rub it in your hands to warm it up and turn it into a rich lather -- Then rub it all over your legs in a complete light layer. Gillette just released an Alluring Avocado scent that's perfect! It's infused with aloe, jasmine and orange blossom and smells divine.

Shaving gels and creams will act as a protection barrier for your skin and will minimize your chances for nicks and cuts. They also help protect you from razor burn, a painful red rash that is caused by skin that isn't properly moisturized before, during and after shaving.

Razor Raisin'

Now it's time to test out that razor. If this is your first time shaving you'll want to do it in a bathtub so you have ultimate control. If you're a veteran, you'll find propping your leg up on something will make it easier to shave. Also, try to keep the razor out of the direct stream of water while you're at it. venus embraceSome razors are more gentle than others and one of the best is the Gillete Venus Embrace ($10). Five blades are encased in moisture bars that ensure a close, even and soft shave.

Make sure to shave in even motions, to help minimize or prevent ingrown hairs considering shaving in the direction of the hair for the first pass and then pull the razor up your leg from your foot towards your body. With a razor as good as the Venus Embrace you may notice you get most of the hairs on the first pass, but it's still a good idea to go over your legs at least twice to get them silky smooth.

Soften Up

Once you've finished shaving both legs and you've rinsed all the shaving cream/gel off your legs, you'll be ready for lotion. jergens natural glow lotion Jergens makes two lotions that are great for silky, smooth legs. One is their Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($5) which leaves skin really soft and has built in self-tanning properties that will gradually add a natural and healthy glow to skin. The other great Jergens lotion is their Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Lotion ($4), its micro-beaded formula boosts cellular renewal as it gently buffs away dry, dead skin cells and helps increase healthy, new cells.

You should apply lotion as soon as you get out of the shower or bath and make sure you apply it daily. If you leave skin a little damp during application you'll find that your skin absorbs the lotion better and stays soft longer. You'll notice that in the winter you need lotion more to keep dry skin soft, but in the summer, apply lotion in light layers so you don't feel it melting off you in the heat.