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sheilarae, 15, TX, United States of America asks...
"Dear Winkie305, I knew it had a name! I like that word. Swooning. Swooning, swooning, swooning. I think it would be so cool to go to a magnet school. We don't have very many extra-curriculers. We have band, art, and choir. We can also take Spanish in 8th grade. I would love to take photography. Then I could show off to my friends and be like, "Hey look at me! I can take really good pictures of really random things! -Pulls out camera- Like here's one of a leaf. Here's one of my crush taken from behind bookshelf. (I don't stalk him THAT much. Okay maybe I do.) And here's one of a hobo!" Actually I don't have a crush. So no super-creepy-stalker girl. I have a very super super important question. Are you ready? Okay... Do you have any pets? I have a dog and two cats. I'm more of a cat person because cats are cat-tastic! You see what I did there? No? Ok. Anyway... -commence awkward silence- How's the weather there? Okay, stupid subject. What is your fave season? Mine is autumn! I love how all of the leaves change color, and pulling out jackets. It's cool but not too cold. Ok, Percy Jackson time! -crowd exhales loudly out of mouths- Who do you think is better for Jason? Personally, I think Piper is. But I feel bad for Reyna. Wondering if there's going to be a little cat fight. Hmm. -stroke chin- Now I'm going to tear my hair out some more since The Mark of Athena isn't out yet. :( Bye-bye! -WeAreTheHungerGamesGeneration"
Posted: July 23, 2012      Sorry, this question has been archived and cannot be answered anymore
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winkie305, 15, FL, United States of America on July 24, 2012 answers...
"Dear Sheilarae, I too enjoy the word swooning, it sounds so dramatic and reminds of the word saloon and swan which granted is weird. Thanks for the compliment on my school! I have to agree with you I don't have any crushes the boys are frankly idiots, and not exactly attractive the few who are have a personality as appealing as a brick wall. I actually do have pets I have a rabid chiauhuauh named Bambini ,which is plural for children in italian, he makes that much of a racket as several children would. He's gonna turn 21, this August 1st which in human is just 3 years old but he's got some serious hormonal issues that dog and his mood swings. My mom has birds but I don't really care for them much except for the yellow one with red circle for cheeks, I named him Pickachu! My favorite season is spring because it's nice like summer , but also breezy like winter and it's very pretty out. In Percy Jackson New, OMG ASDFHGVJHBKJKL! I do think Piper is better for Jason and agreeably I feel bad for Reyna (I like your way of thinking, I also but my self in others shoes). But, I can hardly focus on THEM. It's the Leo, Frank, Hazel triangle that's got me like OH. MY. GODS. I mean Leo has fire, Frank has stick, Hazel has memories. This is gonna be weird... In other news I will soon be getting red skinny jeans! How awesome is THAT?! Ahaha, a question for you what songs have you recently been stuck on? For me it's: The A Team - Ed Sheeran (If you look it up search it with lyrics cause the video is innappropriate) Valerie- Amy Whinehouse (there's a really upbeat version that I like) and also the song Indigo- Tom Milsom ( He is a friend of Charlie's who is a musician, search "New Indigo" Hexachordal) and A Little Irony- Tom Milsom. Weeell I'm sign off this letter I guess (Wow what a weak ending)!- XXXX Winkie305 ;)"