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Tyiesha, 19, , Canada asks...
"Hey girls! kay so, there is an outdoor pool that EVERYBODY goes to right by my house. Im the only person that i know (my age) who cant swim. my friend offered to teach me in a couple weeks at the pool by my house. Should I learn? Im scared that people will be there laughing at me, or that i might drown in the deep end..."
Posted: July 03, 2012      Sorry, this question has been archived and cannot be answered anymore
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Soysparkle, 14, CA, United States of America on July 04, 2012 answers...
"No need to be afraid! There's probably a shallow end at the pool, right? Ask your friend to teach you how to swim in water that you can stand in. I learned to swim like a few weeks ago! And I swear if people laugh it just shows how careless they are. We aren't born with the amazing swimming ability and a lot of people learn later than others. And also you can't let the fear of being made fun of get in the way of learning to swim. It's really important to know how. I hope this helps you! #$oy$parkle# Oh I just remembered something! There will be lifeguards on duty right? So feel safe!"

amber1413, 16, TN, United States of America on July 06, 2012 comment...
"that's right trust me people make fun of me every day at school i ignore it bc it only shows how immature that they are. "

amber1413, 16, TN, United States of America on July 06, 2012 answers...
"swimming isn't hard. So yeah of course you should learn to swim. It's fun and you will grow to be afraid of water if you don't. If people laugh then ignore it. I didnt learn till i was 11 and i'm 13 now. You should learn you'll regret it if you don't. Hope this helped:)"

Clara42, 11, GA, United States of America on July 09, 2012 comment...
"um ya no need to be scared i learnded when i was about 6 or 7 im turning nine really soon and ill still know how to swim you never forget so rememer also if people make fun of you ignor them i get made fun of sometimes to there will be a life gard li"

Shainabstar, 15, CA, United States of America on July 08, 2012 answers...
"Totally! Who cares what those people think? If there's a lifeguard, you won't drown. Even if there isn't, your friend would take good care of you. Don't be afraid! Swimming is a LOT of fun, I should know, I've been on this swim team since I was 5. Good luck! xD"

landeye, 13, NY, United States of America on July 12, 2012 answers...
"Relax. It's not a big deal. I think you should take the offer. No one will laugh at you. And if there are people laughing at you, they are bullies. None of your friends would laugh at you. Trust me, there are people older than you that can't swim either. If you're really scared to go in the deep end, go in the shallow part of the pool. That's where I learned to swim. Plus if you go in the deep end, no biggie. Ok, here comes the science part. If you do go underwater in the deep end, your body will react. Your body WILL float up. Then your body will have your arms & legs moving upwards. That's all there is. Plus, you'll be swimming underwater. You won't drown. Plus you have lifeguards. Beaches are where the unfortunate things happen. :(. Hope this helps! ~NerdyTomBoy~"