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Jessica7896, 17, TN, United States of America asks...
"I am almost 15 and i have never had a boyfriend is that bad? I really want to have a relationship with someone but i don`t want to sound desperate. what can i do to get noticed by a guy? And how can I tell that a guy likes me? Also i have always wanted a summer relationship, i think it would be so romantic!! Thanks for all your help and sorry for all of the questions!! "
Posted: May 23, 2012      Sorry, this question has been archived and cannot be answered anymore
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Animalover11, 18, KY, United States of America on May 23, 2012 answers...
"To start out, NEVER say you're sorry for asking questions on Miss O and Friends! That's what everyone's here for! ;) Now, I'm 15 and I'VE never had a boyfriend. I've wanted to, but then I think of what good being in a relationship gives me. It gives me a period of time where I can brag about my bf, and I can have the "perks" as some might say. He'd probably pay for all the dates we went on, and he'd be good to me and we might share a kiss once in a while. BUT, I always think of the bad things that come in relationships at our ages as well, like how in the end someone almost always gets hurt because the other decides they don't want to be with that person anymore. But it's up to you if you'd like to date. Since you obviously do, here's how I would answer your questions... No it's not bad that you have not had a boyfriend yet. A lot of girls haven't. When it comes to getting noticed, just be yourself and try to let the guy come to you. If you're being yourself, then when the guy DOES come, he'll like you for the right reasons. When it comes to how to tell if they like you, guys always show signs. Where he always tries to catch your eye from across a room JUST to smile at you, when he's always trying to make sure you stay happy by comforting you if you're upset and telling you jokes just to hear your laugh. And sometimes they'll go out of their way just to sit by you and try to talk to you as much as possible, and sneak up behind you to pick you up and spin you around. A summer relationship would be romantic! But also, guys are scared of ONE thing!... Rejection. So some you may not notice trying to show they like you. And others may be more bold with showing it, but after you somehow find out they like you, you might like to take charge and ask THEM out, because they're scared you'll say no if they ask YOU. I know that this answer is long, but I hope it has helped! Let me know if it has. Lots of love, and best of luck! :) -Animalover11"

doro14, 16, CA, Zimbabwe on May 24, 2012 comment...
"awesome answer"