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goldfishsmile, 14, NY, Australia asks...
"hi! this is not true but answer it. if two of your friends are having a fight together, which friend would YOU choose?"
Posted: May 19, 2012      Sorry, this question has been archived and cannot be answered anymore
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Cassy543, 17, , Namibia on May 20, 2012 answers...
"None,if they are having a fight,they should sort it out...or u can help them sort it out"

Soysparkle, 14, CA, United States of America on May 20, 2012 answers...
"You wouldn't choose a friend, you'll only make them madder if you do and plus if you do that then you'll be in the drama too. Just stay out of it and refuse to pick sides!!"

swimmingrocks01, 15, NY, United States of America on May 20, 2012 answers...
"I wouldn't pick a side. Because they're BOTH your friends, and it's harder if you take a side when they fight, because then the person that you're not 'sided' on will also start to fight with you too. So I choose both. :D -Peace. Love. Swimming!!!-"

PearlGirl_1271, 13, , United Kingdom on May 20, 2012 answers...
"None! I'd tell them that whilst they were fighting amongst themselves they were being selfish! The reason for this is because they would only be thinking of themselves,not what I was going through.... which just so you know, is total selfishness and greed!"