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Rula, 12, CA, United States of America asks...
"In my school, we get to choose between learning French or Spanish (when we get older we have to do both). I have a few questions. 1. Who is in a school that does this? 2. If you were or are in a school that does this, which would you choose or which do you do: French or Spanish? 3. What language do you want to learn? 4. Do you personally consider yourself good with figuring out accents? 5. Why would you or did you choose Spanish instead of French, or vise versa? My answers: 1. Yes of course! 2. I do Spanish. 3. I want to learn Italian, but I also like Spanish, but anyways, Spanish will help me when I learn Italian because they are similar! 4. Yes, I think so. 5. I chose Spanish, a. So it would be easier to learn Italian, and b. because a lot of people in U.S.A. speak Spanish, so I could understand them! ;)"
Posted: April 19, 2012      Sorry, this question has been archived and cannot be answered anymore
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rockoutdiva, 15, CT, United States of America on April 20, 2012 answers...
"1. My school does this, but we can choose French, Latin, Spanish, or German. 2. I would choose French because if you work somewhere like the UN and people don't speak English, you speak French with them. Also I like it because less people take it and I don't like being with the crowd I guess you could say... 3. I want to take French. I signed up for it in 7th grade but they put me in Latin because my schedule didn't work with it. 4. Yeah, I'm pretty good. 5. can't say I did :)"

donnatink, 16, CT, United States of America on April 21, 2012 answers...
"I am in a school that does this too! I take Spanish. I want to learn Spanish, but I think it would also be fun to learn another language like French or Italian. I think I am good with figuring out accents… I chose Spanish also a lot of people in the USA speak it, and my dad knows Spanish."

Treehugger14, 16, , Canada on April 24, 2012 answers...
"At my school french is mandatory for your first year and I Luv it! The next years you dont have to take it but you have the choice between spanish and french. Then the next year you have the choice of french, spanish or mandarin. I would love to learn portuguese, im pretty good at figuring out accents. I chose french because I already of a pretty good basis of the language and because Im canadian and it will help me if I go to Quebec. "

0HannahMontana0, 18, NY, United States of America on April 27, 2012 answers...
"1. Me, 2. French because I already know spanish, 3. French xD, 4. A little bit, 5. I chose French but I got spanish for some reason."

swimmingrocks01, 16, NY, United States of America on April 27, 2012 answers...
"1. We used to do it... we only got cut and now we only have spanish... :( 2. Spanish anyways. Spanish to me is SUPER easy. My average right now is 101.50 or something like that! 3. Hmmm.... I would like to learn Korean, Japanesse, and Chinese the MOST, but if I would be a world traveler (because I kina want to), I would obviously want to learn all languages, which is a LOT! (I want to speak Korean the most because my cousin lives in South Korea, and I REALLY want to go there sometime and Chinese and Japanese also because those countries seem REALLY cool [And there food!] and I want to check it out sometime in my life. :) ) 4. Kind of. Sometimes I get mixed up but I ususally figure it out later and fix my mistakes. OR I sometimes even study my accents when I have spanish quizzes or tests coming up! 5. We can only do spanish like I said earlier, BUT I would want to anyways, because it's MUCH easier to me than french! :D ~Swimmingrocks01<3~"

maile16, 12, UT, United States of America on April 27, 2012 answers...
"My school is like this. Seventh and Eighth grade get to pick which class they can take, except they must do Latin. Fourth through Eighth grade have to take Latin. I would pick French because I Love the accent. I think im a good at figuring out accents. Like I said before I love the accent of the French. My parents say it to me and I don't know what their saying. :)"