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Dreamcatcher2, 11, PA, United States of America asks...
""I know I'm different, but still, it hurts that people hate me enough to start a Haters Club on me, and then lie TO MY FACE when I ask what the heck are they talking about. And it hurts. I mean, I have my friends, I have my parents, but still, I can't seem to solve the problem they can't mop up! What am I supposed to do in a school where people would rather me be DEAD?""
foreveryoung1s, 17, FL, United States of America answers...
"hey, never say that they want you dead because they don't. life is full of cruel people all you can do is push through life. promise you though life will get easier. All you have to do is believe in yourself and believe in God because no matter what he is with you I should now was use to be treated this way."

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