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The Girl 2 Girl Wall is a fun way for Miss O Club Members to give advice, get advice, share ideas, ask questions, or just chat it up!

To keep this community a welcoming place for everyone, all questions and answers will be reviewed before posting. Please help us keep this girl network appropriate, safe and awesome!!

How the Wall Works...
Miss O Groups
Use the groups to find girls with interests like yours. Don't see one that fits your style? Suggest it! We'll ask girls to vote on which groups we should add next.

Asking Questions
Miss O Club Members can ask questions! Ask as many questions as you want. Each question costs 10 Miss O Tokens to ask.

Once your question is posted, you will earn 5 Miss O Points every time someone answers your question!

When will my question post?
Please be patient... Your question will be reviewed by Miss O staff before posting. Follow these guidelines to help us post them faster!

Check the status of your questions on "my page." We'll let you know when your question has been posted.

Posted questions will accept answers for 7 days and then be archived for one month so you can see who wrote in.

Answering Questions
Miss O Club Members can submit answers to other's questions! Answer as many as you want, each answer only costs 2 Miss O Tokens!

Try to be helpful in your answers and answer the question that was asked. Try to be as short and clear as possible so it's easy for other girls to read it and understand your answer.

Top 10 Answer Mavens
Answers that have been reviewed by the Miss O Staff and posted during the time period of the contest count toward the Top 10 list. Write-ins that are just "fillers" to try and reach the Top 10 list will not count toward your total. Replying to your own question will not count toward your total.

Always…Be Safe!
NEVER include your name, phone number, address or email address in your questions or answers.

Submissions including these will be automatically deleted. Miss O Tokens will not be refunded.

We reserve the right to revise these guidelines at any time and without notice.

Be Open
If you have some advice, help a girl out! The community would love to hear your thoughts.

Be Overly Respectful
This network is here to help not harm! Please make sure your posts are kind, clean, and polite.

Be Outright
Good questions are more likely to get good answers! Stories help paint a picture but remember to keep your message clear.

Be Original
Miss O & Friends does not tolerate plagiarizing. Please make sure that all posts are your own thoughts. If you want to copy and paste an answer, make sure you use quotations and say where you found the information!