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Emma Watson
Posted in Group:
elsaqueen, 15, CA, United States of America asks...
"anyone like 5sos?"

Deep Blue loves mermaids and Taylor Swift! Tell us what you think of both!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Eleanor Roosevelt. What are your dreams?

There's two types of school - going to school or being homeschooled So many ways to learn these days! How are you learning? Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. The truth is we all have to go to school and learn, however we chose to.

If you are an animal lover, then this is the perfect place for you!

Do you stay up all night reading? Are you always at the bookstore looking for the latest book?

Having trouble understanding how to act and deal with boys? Unload your confusion, frustration, or crush problems here!

Have you been bullied? Learn how to stop others from bullying you. Be strong and know what to do.

Are you someone’s biggest fan ever? What do you like about them? Talk about it here.

Do you love food? Are you in the kitchen whipping up batch of your special brownies or yummy lasagna? This is the group for you!

Maybe you need to vent, express yourself, ask for some help with what you might be experiencing. A loss, having a tough time in school, friend issues, or not getting along with mom or dad? Here's the place to get help from your Miss O girlfriends.

Who doesn't love to dance? Dancing makes you feel good, even if you're bad at it!! It's still fun. Tell us about your favorite dancing, classes, camps, auditions, whatever!

Love paging through Teen Vogue and W? Can’t wait to find out what’s in for the next season or who’s wearing what?

What kind of friend are you? Do you have a lot of friends or just a best friend? How hard is it to keep a friend? There are so many questions about friends, here's a group just for that!

Love to play games? What are your favorites? How about your faves on Miss O? We have every kind of game to play so you don't get bored. Tell us what you think! Any suggestions we could add?

Be a part of the "Girl of the Moment" by entering the contest or just asking or giving advice to others. We want to hear from you!

Now you can talk with your friends on the Miss O site. Talk back and forth and make sure you mention their screen names. Remember to click on any badge to friend a girl. Have fun!

Have you noticed how International Miss O has gotten? We've got girls from all around the world, all your age! Get to know them. Go Global!

Do you want to talk to girls who relate to your problems? Give advice from your experience or ask for help.

Got a good riddle or joke? Now you can post them all here and see everyone's answers. Don't laugh too hard!

Get the best advice on Health and Nutrition from you friends at Miss O and a few professionals as well.

Share your favorite holiday memories here, and everything holiday-related!

Haven't you always wondered about the girl behind the name, Miss O? Talk to her one on one and find out what makes her tick!

Welcome, this page is for girls to ask interns questions about being an intern and find out more about them. You can ask them for advice, hear what they have to say and see if you got what it takes to be a Miss O Intern!

Everything we do is based on what you tell us. We listen. Can't guarantee we'll do everything you want, but we love hearing great ideas.

Are your Friday nights spent at the movie theaters? Do you have lines to your top 10 greatest movies memorized?

Can’t stop the music? Love to sing, play piano, write songs or be in a band?

Love the words to a song? Are you a poet at heart? Write them down and see if other girls know your favorite songs too! Play NAME THAT TUNE!

We're all from different places, and this group is just for that. Talk to your "Pen Pals" here!

Pets, whether big or small, furry or scaly, you gotta love them. Join this group to rave about your cute critters.

Here's your chance to write something profound and share your thoughts and writings with your friends.

Love to shop? Can't get enough clothes or shoes? Here's the place to be a personal shopper for your Miss O friends.

Do you love to compete? Are you crazy about soccer, tennis, volleyball or hockey? Can’t wait to get to sports practice?

Are you a jet setter? Love visiting new countries and learning new languages? Have a list of 100 places you want to go?

Tell us your favorite trends in fashion, music, technology, whatever!

Are you addicted to TV? Gush about your favorite drama, action or comedy shows that you adore.

So many of you care about the world we live in so with the inspiration of Treehugger14, we created a group about World Issues.

Do you have a big imagination? Have a journal filled with your own stories & poems? Dream of writing the next bestseller?
Do you think your dreams are real?
Yes, for sure!
No, not sure how they could be.