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Writers Corner

Do you have a big imagination? Do you have a journal filled with your own stories and poems? Dream of writing the next bestseller?

Welcome to your new writing sanctuary. Here you'll find girls who love to write just like you. Talk about the stories and poems you're working on, post your questions and problems and help other girls edit and finish their work. Be constructive in your criticism and use respect. Writing is a very special hobby, so reach out to your fellow writers and keep up the great work. You never know who might be looking for the next best read...


There are no active questions posted for this group at this time
Read about this teen author and her new book,
Falcon’s Prey

Got an eye for news? Learn how to be a reporter
MayMayLee, 11, FL, United States of America asks...
"Hey guys! I was just wondering what you girls like to read about on Missoandfriends.com. Any ideas for what I can write an article about? Thank you all for the help!📝" (2 replies)

sheilarae, 15, TX, United States of America asks...
"I'm currently writing a book. It's not to be professionally published or anything, I just plan on putting it up on Wattpad and MissLiterati when I'm through with. Anway, I have an overall idea of what I want to happen in the book, but I have no idea what to put in the chapters leading up to the actual story. I have four chapters so far, but I feel like they are all a little boring because I haven't gotten to the main part of the story yet, and what's happening right now is just building the foundation for the rest of the story. Could you give me any advice to spice up the chapters to make the readers want to read on and not stop because they think the plot is slow? Thanks ~S" (1 replies)

CakeAndPie, 13, NC, United States of America asks...
"My friend and I want to publish a book we wrote. But we are clueless on how to get "out there" and known so we can publish it. Any tips on how to get our book hooked up with a publishing company?" (6 replies)

theVgirl, 13, NY, United States of America asks...
"Hi" (1 replies)

TaylorBrooks137, 12, CO, United States of America asks...
"Do any of you have a big essay coming up?" (3 replies)

imafangirl, 13, OH, United States of America asks...
"Does anyone else do Power of the Pen? If so, do you like it?" (1 replies)

Treehugger14, 17, , Canada asks...
"Do you keep a journal?" (2 replies)

sohi105, 13, WI, United States of America asks...
"I've noticed that not a lot of people are entering the writing contest in Miss O & Friends. How about we do a contest right here, together, for no prizes, but just for fun? I'll decide on a topic, and we all write about it on the writing contest. I think it'll be fun. When more than 2 people decide they want to, I'll tell you some of the topics I've chosen and we'll decide on one(: Anyone interested?" (5 replies)

girly2004, 10, CA, United States of America asks...
"Can you give me a list of good magazine publishing companies? Also is making a fashion magazine a good a idea?" (1 replies)

grace436, 11, MN, United States of America asks...
"Are u exsited for schoola and why " (3 replies)

Ghashia, 14, AL, United Kingdom asks...
"Hey guys.... I make & publish my own magazine with my friends, and it's called ..girls go twist.. So for next months mag, u could submit something too!! Options are : polls, quizzes, articles, poster picture! Then add me, and see the compiled up mag pic on my profile page! GET STARTED NOW! Only 2 days to go" (3 replies)

Starblaze, 14, UL, South Africa asks...
"Hey guys. Starblaze here - contributing writer. Just wanted to ask what you aspiring writers like writing about? Genres, scenes, cliches, all of it! :-) See, I try to get inspiration from my bestest buddies but there is only one thing they write about - ONE DIRECTION FANFICTION. *gasp* *dies* Thanks again guys xx Oh and keep on directioning ;)" (2 replies)

Jollygirl2004, 11, NC, United States of America asks...
"Please check out my blog. The web address is below. http://reflectionsofajollygirl.blogspot.com/" (1 replies)

whogirl, 10, GA, United States of America asks...
"So, I LOVE to write. The thing is that I don't know what to write about. I would love it if you gave me some ideas! Thanks! :)" (3 replies)

Madiha_Y, 16, , Pakistan asks...
"My favorite writer for MissO is Treehugger14. She covers all topics and is VERY active. I guess, we should appreciate writers efforts here too =)" (1 replies)

TerraRocks, 17, OH, United States of America asks...
"How has writing changed your life? Writing is actually one of the only things I'm good at. I think if I wasn't good at it, a lot of things would be different for me. I met my best friend actually through a roleplay on Twitter, and that was set up through FanFiction. If I wasn't writing, I would have never set it all up. I would have never met her. I've also gotten a couple internships (Including this one :))from having the quality. It's very awesome =]" (3 replies)

Azure101, 13, CA, United States of America asks...
"What is your favorite theme to write? I like writing historical fiction." (1 replies)

violetsweetpea, 14, CA, United States of America asks...
"I want to start writing. Do you have any tips?" (6 replies)

asmasiddiqi, 12, FL, United States of America asks...
"Hi everyone, It's me Asmasiddiqi. I just wanted to know if any of you heard about this new book that was published this year called Bonjour: The Diverse Flowers. It's a about this Muslim teenage girl in the feathery and futurist world in New York. Check it out! Also, to find it, go to Lulu.com and Bonjour: The Diverse Flowers Book Series Blog. Thanks! " (1 replies)

violetsweetpea, 14, CA, United States of America asks...
"I'm starting a diary and I want to know some ways to mix up my writing a little. Any ideas?" (2 replies)

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