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Pen Pals

We're all from different places, and this group is just for that. Talk to your "Pen Pals" here!

Miss O & Friends attracts users from all over. A friend can be from the town next to you or across the country! This group is the PERFECT place to chat with all your favorite Pen Pals, but remember to be safe and not share too much information about where you live!

elsaqueen, 15, CA, United States of America asks...
"Anyone want to be my friend? Rules I don't tell my age, were i am from " (0 replies)

SamiLol, 11, ID, United States of America asks...
"How do you become pen pals on here? I think it would be fun if I knew who. 😄" (2 replies)

francesrenae, 12, AZ, United States of America asks...
"I am new on here. Would anyone wanna be friends?" (2 replies)

HappyFace112, 14, NJ, United States of America asks...
"I am new to this website and still trying to work it out I would love some friends." (5 replies)

jazhmine, 14, , Canada asks...
"Hi! I'm new here! Can we be pen pals? " (4 replies)

Girlygirl9845, 12, OH, United States of America asks...
"Anyone want to be pen pals? I'm new to this website, so I'm trying to figure out how everything works. Thanks!" (2 replies)

LiviBella, 10, FL, United States of America asks...
"Hi! would anyone want to be my pen pal??" (5 replies)

00sidney00, 11, NY, United States of America asks...
" hey anyone wanna be pen pals if you do comment to dis post lol i spelled this wrong - sidney !!!!! <3" (3 replies)

zoe123412341234, 13, IL, United States of America asks...
"hey my name is emily im almost 13 and i need a Pen Pal. im from illinois. i love the hunger games. im home schooled and i love reading. if you pick me please say your name and age thank you." (2 replies)

theVgirl, 13, NY, United States of America asks...
"Well I know there is a pen pal section on the girl to girl wall but isn't everyone here pen pals if there your friend and from a different city or state" (1 replies)

imafangirl, 13, OH, United States of America asks...
"Hi guys! I'm from Ohio (a little known state in the USA except for during elections). I love roller coasters, reading, music, cooking, and art. Anyone want to be pen pals?" (2 replies)

Skittles_23, 11, OH, United States of America asks...
"Hi My name is Caitlyn would someone like to be my pen pal I'm from Ohio " (2 replies)

swimmingrocks01, 15, NY, United States of America asks...
"I haven't been on here in like forever so I need more pen pals! Who wants one?" (3 replies)

angelreds, 16, OH, Canada asks...
"I am not really sure how this works but does anyone want a penpal? :D" (3 replies)

Vanellope11, 10, IN, United States of America asks...
"Does someone want to be my pen pal?I am 10 years old.I am really lonely because school is out and I don't see or talk to my friends much.I just started miss o and really don't have any friends yet.This is the stuff you need to know about me.I always keep secrets I am always there for my friends and I am very nice." (2 replies)

Jollygirl2004, 11, NC, United States of America asks...
"Does anybody want to be my pen pal? If you do, respond to this post ." (1 replies)

coolchick04, 14, , India asks...
"Hello everyone! I just wanted to know what pen pals do. Can anybody tell me? P.s Can anybody be my pen pal please? Iam Lauren and iam 13 but will turn 14 this june. I luv reading suspense stories a lot and also love to dance. Please send me a friend request! ;D" (4 replies)

mrsliampayne, 14, CA, United States of America asks...
"hi, girls of miss O. I really could use a pen pal my age. I love makeup, music, kim of queens (a t.v show on lifetime), movies, and dance. " (2 replies)

Sidders22, 11, WA, United States of America asks...
"hi i'm 10 and i want a pen pal. I'm not on here a lot but i'de like someone my age though. please be my pen pal" (3 replies)

soyeon105, 11, WI, United States of America asks...
"Can anyone be my pen pal? I really need someone to talk to and isnt that mean or harsh or rude. Would ya be mah pen pal? Also someone whos my age " (2 replies)

bubblemonster12, 15, , United Kingdom asks...
"Hey im Caitlin and i need a pen pal. Im from England and i am 14. I love sketching, drawing, listening to music, dance, eating and sleeping. My fav colour is blue. I love making new friends and i would love it if i could have a pen pal from america or another counrty....... please reply :D" (2 replies)

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