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Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"Have you ever given someone a piece of advice that you wouldn't exactly follow yourself? If so, what was it? I always tell my best friend that she should go after the guy she has a crush on. I would never actually do that myself though lol. So what would you give as a piece of advice to someone that you wouldn't do yourself?" (1 replies)

Vanessa_666, 15, , India asks...
"I'm looking to finding a hobbie in my free time. Any suggestions?" (2 replies)

eksoccergirl, 12, CT, United States of America asks...
"ok well I just went back to the school I met my best friend at when we were 3. she never stopped going there. obviously she met a bunch of other people. but there's one girl, I'll call her L, and my friend, S, is attached to her. they do everything together. and I am starting to feel left out. for example, once, me and L walked out of where you get food for lunch and we sat at a table with 3 seats left, leaving one for S. someone else sat there, leaving S alone so i moved with her to a new table. then a week later, I walked out with L and S, and there was a table with 2 seats left. I expected her to come sit with me somewhere else, but she and L sat down with no second glance at me what so ever. and recently I was talking to her and a few other of our friends while L was in the bathroom. L came out of the bathroom and mid conversation, S walked away and ran over to L. There's more examples but I just feel horrible, like she doesn't even care about my feelings around L. I know I should talk to S, but could someone help me figure out what to say or how to talk to her without her getting mad?" (1 replies)

km547, 38, GA, United States of America asks...
"I know celebrities. So yep I can get them to tAlk to u!! " (2 replies)

Artistic-Donny, 14, CA, United States of America asks...
"What is your favorite quote, that inspires you every day?" (4 replies)

Treehugger14, 16, , Canada asks...
"Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage it head-on?" (2 replies)

bscgirl, 16, UL, Canada asks...
"Well for a while now ive been scared and stressed about changes,growing up and Just the future in general.Some days i dont even want to be on this planet.Any idea's how i can chill and maybe get a smile on my face again?" (2 replies)

ShinyPink, 14, HI, United States of America asks...
"Hey girls! So I got a big problem xS So I really like this guy that's in 7th grade [ I'm in 8th ] and I'm not kidding when I say I REALLY LIKE HIM. He's in advanced classes like me, he's in band like me, he plays soccer, he's tall, && he's also a HOT HOTTIE. ANYWAYS, I really want to tell him I like him, but I don't know how! I always wanna jump and cry and smile when he's near me [ which is rare, but I have friends who are his neighbors ] Not to mention he's really shy... How to I tell a guy I like him even though he might not even like me at all?! Help please :( xx, Mrs. Luke Hemmings" (3 replies)

whatwhat23, 11, CO, United States of America asks...
"hey miss o, can i be a advise person???? plzzzz???? i ALWAYS wanted to be. so........ plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??????????" (2 replies)

Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"Anybody need any advice on anything? I'm not the best at giving advice but I'll try as hard as I can!" (1 replies)

momomoo, 11, , Canada asks...
"i'm friends with these three girls, but whenever our teacher says to partner up, one of the girls immediately picks the other two girls. I realize I can't always be the favorite, but once the other two girls asked me to be partners with them, and the other girl immediately said, "No, that's too many people." What should I do?!" (3 replies)

mousie123, 13, , Canada asks...
"I go to karate 2 times a week with a good friend of mine. We usually are partners for whatever partner work we have to do. Recently, we made friends with a guy that goes to our karate as well. He is kind of mean to me. Whenever my good friend and I become partners, he comes and grabs her and steals her away to be her partner. Every time I protest, he calls me a swear word, and pushes me away. It really annoys me, and mostly makes me mad. What am I supposed to do? Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? The winter break is almost ending, and I am worried to have to go back to karate because of this boy. HELP!! D: " (1 replies)

KENZIE28, 12, MD, United States of America asks...
"Over Winter break I did a lot if thinking, about my family, sports, but mostly my friends. It occurred to me how blessed and thankful I am to have such amazing people in my life. It's incredible to think that a complete stranger we can grow so close to, motivating us, inspiring us, blessing us. It makes me so grateful to think that there are people, friends in this world that care. So as I sat thinking I realized how much I love them and how much these strangers have changed me. " (5 replies)

mousie123, 13, , Canada asks...
"I've been doing karate ever since I was younger (about 8 years) and I'm currently at brown belt. I am getting a little bored of karate, there is nothing really new to do, and I don't feel like its one of my passions. I don't want to quit doing it because I've gone through a long journey, and I at least want to get my black belt. But getting your black belt takes a while, and I will have to wait 3 years and put in A LOT of effort to get it. I also kind of don't want to go anymore... it's really hard to make up my mind. What in the world am I supposed to do!?!? :(" (2 replies)

whatwhat23, 11, CO, United States of America asks...
"hey gurls, i am new i have just been here for a few days and i just wanted to say that i love giving advise, and i love answering questions, and reading posts you guys send me, so if you need any help at all just post a comment under this or go the advise part, i have on there too. so please any questions about ANYTHING i will try my best to answer it. :) you can also vent to me at advise, and girl talk if you need to get something out. i hope i help you in any way. :) -stay cool, whatwhat23 :)" (1 replies)

Babyblue362, 13, CO, United States of America asks...
"Well, I'm new to this website and, I just started today. And I wrote this story called, "Her smile" And when I was done with it, I clicked 'submit' and when I clicked on submit, it erased it? My writing was erased. I went to 'my stuff' and I didn't see it there. I don't know where it went ): Could someone tell me how to see my story again?" (2 replies)

Coco123456789, 11, UL, Australia asks...
"hey there is the boy i like... lets call him "J" and he knows and i say "i dont like you a HATE YOU!!" to him and my friends go "sure you hate him..." what do i do??? thx luv coco! ^u^" (2 replies)

Erica_Gurl, 12, TX, United States of America asks...
"Hi guys! i'm here to help. need any advice `(depression, thoughts of suicide, friend probs and etc) comment below im here to help! i hope i can help" (1 replies)

lordweloveyou, 13, CA, United States of America asks...
"So I have a really deep thing I wrote and I thought I would share it :) lol DEEP ALERT hah ...I have undeniably witnessed indescribable amounts of pure love and admiration being graciously given into the most solely sorrowful and hopeless hearts that linger within this world. All in spite of the overwhelming thought of discovering hope in this life we all crave to uncover. But nevertheless, my individual mind is captivated by numerous versions of beauty and precious moments I experienced to prepare for the solemn moments that gradually occur without purpose or with a purpose I just refuse to internally admit within myself. But life is a spontaneous divine miracle that defines each of us as the human beings we ultimately wish to become - but time is the enemy we must undergo and face in order to obtain the life we long for due to how it continuously counts down to our end." (2 replies)

CrazyJaed, 14, PA, United States of America asks...
"I posted this before, but it came up as blank. Oops. Basically, I need advice. I really like this boy but I feel like he doesn't notice me. I'm also really shy, so I just can't go up to him and talk to him. I know this is a sucky things, but please help. I don't wanna be one of those girls who just admires from a distance, even though I am probably one of those girls." (2 replies)

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