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Sometimes it's really hard to avoid an awkward situation. Just try your best to not say anything that would make things weird or uncomfortable.

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maritza01, 13, TN, United States of America asks...
"dont let it get to you" (1 replies)

momobunny, 13, OH, United States of America asks...
"Can anyone think of some things a 13 yr old can get money? " (2 replies)

mergenda, 19, UL, Pakistan asks...
"I am having this semester break! It's just been a day or two since my university went off. (It will remain off for another month or so) and I'm hell bored!! Suggest me some fun stuff to survive by this summer break! :( P.S. I've had enough of doodling and sketching!" (1 replies)

pizzalover1, 19, IA, United States of America asks...
"What do you think is the hardest part about being a tween/teen girl?" (4 replies)

jlypup, 13, VA, United States of America asks...
"Girls I know it has been been forever since I've been on but I promise I will get on more soon. But I'm going thru a lot right now and it seems if I'm always going back and forth about a situation. One of my "supposed to be friends" said I am bipolar and I need help. I don't think so but I need someone to help me about what to do. Thanks in advanced! :)" (3 replies)

Artsychic, 14, MO, United States of America asks...
"There's this guy that I really like, but I'm not sure if he likes me back. I mean I think he does, but I don't know for sure. What should I do?" (1 replies)

Tori2Cute, 13, FL, United States of America asks...
"Hey guys I have this friend who is really nice pretty and smart. But sometimes she can be a bit bossy. Alot ot my friends notice it sometimes it really hurts my feeling but i just go with it i have known here since kindergarten and now im in 6th. Should keep being her friend or Nah?" (3 replies)

missweet2, 17, NC, United States of America asks...
"I'm kind of confused. My roommate at school is from China. We haven't really had any issues as roommates, we roomed together for two years. I got a Chinese social media app so I could message her and my other Chinese friends (texting them costs like ten dollars per message). I saw one status she posted in Chinese, with a picture of my desk. I asked another Chinese friend to translate, and she said that the status was about how I was stupid and needed to be studying. Then she showed me other posts about me saying that I'm stupid, messy, smell, etc. Is this cyber bullying? I mean, she never intended for me to see the posts, and she didn't write them in a language that I know." (3 replies)

eksoccergirl, 13, CT, United States of America asks...
"hey guys! so I just got my period this year, and haven't had to go swimming with it yet. I tried using a tampon once, and it hurt, so now I absolutely hate them. what should I do this summer if I am on my period when my family goes to the beach?" (5 replies)

whogirl, 10, GA, United States of America asks...
"Um, I don't have any friends and I'm just starting summer vacation. :( So how in the world can I get a friend?!?! I mean I have a few friends but they all don't live near me. I have one friend who lives near me but she is kind of rude and annoying. :( Can someone help me?!?! :(" (1 replies)

Soysparkle, 13, CA, United States of America asks...
"Hi! I started reading the Harry Potter series for the first time and I love it! I'm on the second book, Chamber of Secrets. I have one little problem though... apparently, since I'm 13(almost 14) I am starting too late, and am not a true fan. This said by one of my boy friends who read the series in 4th grade. When I made a reference to the Ministry of Magic, he's like, "You can't make references, you're only on the 2nd book," not joking. And then later, he said I couldn't join an online Hogwarts world because I'm not a true fan yet. A fan is someone who likes something isn't it? And you can't tell someone whether he or she is a fan or not. My other friend was the opposite, like "Omg have you met Norbert yet?" or "Has the flying car crahsed yet?" and answers any questions I have, unless it's a spoiler. Fans should welcome new fans, not restrict them!" (3 replies)

Treehugger14, 16, , Canada asks...
"Are you looking forward to anything this week?" (2 replies)

heels, 12, FL, United Kingdom asks...
"Ok.... I always think something bad is going to happen to my family or relatives.... When the house phone rings I always think is going to be a news about somebody's death!!!! How shall I take that thinking away from my mind??" (3 replies)

Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"Have you ever given someone a piece of advice that you wouldn't exactly follow yourself? If so, what was it? I always tell my best friend that she should go after the guy she has a crush on. I would never actually do that myself though lol. So what would you give as a piece of advice to someone that you wouldn't do yourself?" (1 replies)

Vanessa_666, 15, , India asks...
"I'm looking to finding a hobbie in my free time. Any suggestions?" (2 replies)

eksoccergirl, 13, CT, United States of America asks...
"ok well I just went back to the school I met my best friend at when we were 3. she never stopped going there. obviously she met a bunch of other people. but there's one girl, I'll call her L, and my friend, S, is attached to her. they do everything together. and I am starting to feel left out. for example, once, me and L walked out of where you get food for lunch and we sat at a table with 3 seats left, leaving one for S. someone else sat there, leaving S alone so i moved with her to a new table. then a week later, I walked out with L and S, and there was a table with 2 seats left. I expected her to come sit with me somewhere else, but she and L sat down with no second glance at me what so ever. and recently I was talking to her and a few other of our friends while L was in the bathroom. L came out of the bathroom and mid conversation, S walked away and ran over to L. There's more examples but I just feel horrible, like she doesn't even care about my feelings around L. I know I should talk to S, but could someone help me figure out what to say or how to talk to her without her getting mad?" (1 replies)

km547, 38, GA, United States of America asks...
"I know celebrities. So yep I can get them to tAlk to u!! " (2 replies)

Artistic-Donny, 14, CA, United States of America asks...
"What is your favorite quote, that inspires you every day?" (4 replies)

Treehugger14, 16, , Canada asks...
"Are you more likely to avoid conflict or engage it head-on?" (2 replies)

bscgirl, 16, UL, Canada asks...
"Well for a while now ive been scared and stressed about changes,growing up and Just the future in general.Some days i dont even want to be on this planet.Any idea's how i can chill and maybe get a smile on my face again?" (2 replies)

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