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Health and Nutrition

Are you totally confused what to eat, how to stay healthy and feel good? Everyone tells you something different.

Here's a place to ask or post info about your health and proper nutrition and get advice from other girls too!


There are no active questions posted for this group at this time

sheilarae, 15, TX, United States of America asks...
"So as you probably know, I've been on a health kick lately, but this week, I've just been eating some kind of sweet every night, like tonight it was a cupcake. How can I keep from eating sweets every night (I'm perfectly fine with eating one like once a week, but not every night), or what are some alternate and healthier things to eat instead of so much sugar? ~S" (2 replies)

sheilarae, 15, TX, United States of America asks...
"About 9 months ago, I decided to cut all sodas out of my diet because they contain a lot of unneeded sugar and they're just bad for you! Then about a month later, I decided to start exercising regularly, and I'm proud of the progress I've made. In 9 months, I've lost 16 pounds and successfully kept it off. I didn't think it was possible, but I guess it is! Now I've worked my way up to running a 5K and I've never felt healthier. I'm starting to do strength exercises that will help me build up some muscle and I'm on my way to being the me I want to be. :) ~S" (2 replies)

RiyaSajan, 13, , India asks...
"Your favorite summer treat?" (2 replies)

diamond124, 14, FL, United Arab Emirates asks...
"Hii girls , Umm i am about 12 years old and i didn't got my period yet , so what do you tell me to do ? ((Advices )) . Thank you ... " (3 replies)

PINKFAIRY123, 12, , Bangladesh asks...

fairytopia, 15, CT, United States of America asks...
"Diet ideas anyone? I do vigorous sports, so I can't not eat, but I can't eat anything bad for the body, either. Help please!" (4 replies)

PINKFAIRY123, 12, , Bangladesh asks...
"HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT?" (1 replies)

gmwbmw22, 16, NH, United States of America asks...
" How do you lose weight fast without having an eating disorder?" (3 replies)

hiphipster555, 10, PA, United States of America asks...
"So I was playing AJ (Animal Jam) earlier, and my pinky finger was sticking up in the air while my fingers were on the keyboard. It started TWITCHING like cra cra! And I wasn't moving. It was so weird. I held it up in the air, and it kept twitching. I could see the nerve twitching in my skin too (shudder). I'm really concerned, idk if I popped a nerve or what! Did this happen to any of you?" (2 replies)

gemma25, 10, , Canada asks...
"do u have any ways to get a flat stomach or lose weight :) plz help!" (3 replies)

gmwbmw22, 16, NH, United States of America asks...
" How do you lose weight without going anorexic or bulimic?" (2 replies)

DazzlerDiva101, 13, , India asks...
"Are you eating healthy this fall?Please let me know ;) -Ree" (3 replies)

DazzlerDiva101, 13, , India asks...
"Hey there! I just wanted to tell thanks to the two who helped me with advice on my question about balanced diet.Now I'm getting to control myself and I understood one thing: first it's hard to control anything, but soon you will be coping with it..I have also got tips to tell you guys.If you are feeling hungry in between meals and you really feel peckish,just go with eating fruits or nuts or any healthy snack.But do not think you're starving each time you are feeling hungry,!my tip for the day! And oh,thanks for your great help! " (1 replies)

DazzlerDiva101, 13, , India asks...
"O k,so I started a balanced diet..,I'm going on with it,But I just can't control it.No problem,breakfast in at correct time,lunch correct,..but before the dinner,I just pop up in the kitchen and eat some not so-healthy snacks!I can't control!Will this affect my balanced diet?What should I do?" (2 replies)

Treehugger14, 17, , Canada asks...
"What do you usually eat in the morning?" (4 replies)

sheilarae, 15, TX, United States of America asks...
"Okay, so I'm a twirler for my high school, and I had to put on my field uniform for pictures yesterday. Well, let's just say that my uniform was a LITTLE tight. I need to lose 5, 10 pounds at the most. I run, and I'm on weight watchers, but I just can't seem to stick to the plan. What are some tips to help my willpower to say no to those cookies or that ice cream? And some other exercises for toning (thining) my arms and thighs would be nice too! -S" (2 replies)

KENZIE28, 14, MD, United States of America asks...
"Hi guys so I'm trying to be healthy and control my portions better. I'm going to my uncles on Sunday and he's a cook and a BIG baker so he always has several bowls and platters set up with chips and deserts. How do I avoid eating to much this weekend? Please help!!!" (2 replies)

schoolgirl_78, 13, , India asks...
"hey girls! How can I lose my weight sitting inside the home? What's perfect for a girl as a balanced diet?" (3 replies)

Treehugger14, 17, , Canada asks...
"Are you allergic to anything?" (1 replies)

DazzlerDiva101, 13, , India asks...
"Have you got any new summer special recipes?" (1 replies)

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