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It's all about having great friends. They come and go, but being a true friend what's important.

zoe123412341234, 12, IL, United States of America asks...
"i have this friend and she is really mean sometimes but she is only mean when we go to camp together but know where else what do i do to make it stop?" (1 replies)

Treehugger14, 16, , Canada asks...
"What's you favourite way of contacting people? Text? Phone?" (5 replies)

teenknighton, 13, SC, United States of America asks...
"Ok so 1 of my bestest friends is moving 2 Thailand in June....& i'm REALLY gonna miss her....I have known her since I was 7 & she was 5...she's my bestest friend & I love her like a sister but i'm GONNA MISS HER ALOT!!!! if there's anyone that has any advise or quote's I couold really use it! plz reply!" (2 replies)

Luviza, 18, , Pakistan asks...
"What is your favorite natural scent?" (2 replies)

Treehugger14, 16, , Canada asks...
"Who has the most influence on you?" (1 replies)

Treehugger14, 16, , Canada asks...
"Do you have a nickname?" (5 replies)

girlygrrrl, 15, CT, United States of America asks...
"Hey girls! Looking for some advice here. So, I have two best friends and the three of us are super tight! However, lately I kind of have the suspicion that the two of them have been hanging out without me. What do you think I should do?" (3 replies)

Pinknose9141, 12, MA, United States of America asks...
"Who is your best friend? (If you don't mind saying their name) how long have you been friends? What's you favorite thing about them?" (2 replies)

Animalover11, 17, KY, United States of America asks...
"Hey, girls! It's been a while since I've gotten on the Wall...anyway! I turned 17 last Monday, and I'm wanting to plan a party for me and my friends. But I can't afford anything too big and pricey. Any cheap party ideas/advice?? Also, I'm really open to doing something at my house. But I'd also like some cool game ideas. Thanks in advance!! ^_^ ~Sara" (1 replies)

coolchick04, 13, , India asks...
"Hello everyone! My name is Lauren and I just moved to my new home. As you can guess, I don't have any friends over here. And i am new to miss o as well. I am getting so bored. I really need some friends.If anyone of you are interested please do send me a friend request. My screen name is coolchick04. It'll be great fun. PLEASE REPLY!!! " (1 replies)

RahayuDN, 16, , Indonesia asks...
"I have a friend. she was in my class in grade 5. and grade 6 we class as well. first, when the 5th grade, she joined the gang slang. she likes to whisper to his gang of other friends that are silent, including me. and now when the 6th grade, her classmates with me and 2 people who are silent. but she was not the same class with her gang's grade 5. and now she's started well. but sometimes she becomes a fairly mischievous child. her own way sometimes and do not want to be blamed. how can I solve it? i can't speak English as well. i just search it from google translate. i'm sorry if u don't understand. >.< thank you, i'm new." (2 replies)

cindy5711, 9, , New Zealand asks...
"who are your friends? how did you make friends? what is cool about your friends? who is your best friend? PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!" (2 replies)

GreekPrincess27, 23, NY, United States of America asks...
"My boyfriend and I are professional procrastinators. We try to get stuff done during the day, but it never seems to happen. We always end up getting side-tracked, whether it's by Facebook or YouTube or we end up talking about things. I feel as though we are very unproductive. What's the best way to not get side-tracked?" (2 replies)

zizibreezy, 11, CA, United States of America asks...
"hi im new and looking for friends if there are any peeps out there please um send me a friend request" (2 replies)

whatwhat23, 11, CO, United States of America asks...
"i am new and i am looking for some new friends on the site. :) my name is chloe, and my screename is whatwhat23. my favorite colors are blue, green, and yellow. my hobbys include vollyball, talking on the phone, and talking about random things with my friend Jazmin. i am a Potterhead and i am on team fangirl. i also have 3 cats. well thats it, and i am a very nice person and a great friend. :) :) :) -whatwhat23" (4 replies)

whatwhat23, 11, CO, United States of America asks...
"what makes a good friend? many people wonder, what makes a good friend? well you need to be loyal, kind, loving,and sweet. you need to be willing to have fights. you should also be different people, if you are the exact same life with your friend will be boring. there are many others but i think the most important thing is to be honest with your friend/friends. if you wonder this sometimes i hope this helped. :) -whatwhat23 toodles." (1 replies)

fashiongirl4, 12, WA, United States of America asks...
"So I've been friends with this girl since 3rd grade. In 4th grade we were best friends. We hung out with each other every day. 5th grade is a whole other story. We joked around a lot but one day it turned into hurtful things like wow Nat your so stupid or your so ugly. At first I didn't realize it but a dew months later I realized she wasn't joking. She would make mean remarks and say I'm so ugly and if me and my friends didn't say no you aren't your beautiful she would be mean and purposely try to hurt us. Now in 6th grade she is still doing this stuff but today she went to far. My friend sent me a picture of a hurtful remark to that *Chelsea made to a girl she barely knows. It read "nobody's perfect your fat so your far far far from perfect." *Sylvia replied back saying you don't know wants going on in my life. I'm struggling and your just making it worse. Leave me alone. Later Chelsea finds out that all of her friends blocked and reported her. Chelsea gets to make up for what she said by saying "I didn't mean it I'm just jealous of you" and "your gorgeous" should me and my friends forgive her or move on?" (4 replies)

Janine121, 15, IL, United States of America asks...
"There is a girl in my grade who is really mean and controlling. The other girls are so afraid of her that they agree with her all the time and act just like her when she's around. They do that because they're afraid of what she'll say and the rumors that she'll spread. I tried to tell them that what she says doesn't matter and that she's just another human being, but I'm not sure I got through to them. What really upsets me is that they are great girls and really fun to be around, but when they are around her, they turn into her. It's like she taints them and they turn into her clones. How can I help them be courageous and convince them that what she says about them doesn't define them?" (2 replies)

sweetShaima, 21, IN, Pakistan asks...
"i don't have any friends!!!" (4 replies)

Treehugger14, 16, , Canada asks...
"Who is the hardest person to buy a present for?" (1 replies)

violetsweetpea, 13, CA, United States of America asks...
"I had two friends who are sisters and they moved away a couple years ago. I'm not in contact with them except their family sends my family a Christmas card every year, and if I think about them to hard I cry! I miss them so much! I only know one girl who used to be their friend and I don't know what to do! :'( They seem so grown up! And In their Christmas cards it always sounds like their lives are perfect and I'm worried they don't miss me at all. P.S. They live in another state. " (2 replies)

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