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Fashion and Beauty

If youíre a fashion and beauty lover, welcome!

Love paging through Teen Vogue and W? Canít wait to find out whatís in for the next season or whoís wearing what? You can talk about your favorite designers, what trends are a do or donít and learn tips and tricks to solve all your beauty dilemmas. Help make the world a more fashionable place to be!

Hard2get, 12, AZ, United States of America asks...
"A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. Anne Roiphe " (0 replies)

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fashion designer dressup
Design your own fashion show

Madiha_Y, 16, , Pakistan asks...
"Who's "Steal Her Style" do you want to see now? I have already done Victoria Justice, Taylor Swift (thrice), Bella Thorne, Alli Simpson and Ariana Grande. Also tell me what type of Fashion articles do you want to see." (3 replies)

swimmingrocks01, 15, NY, United States of America asks...
"Hey girls! I haven't been on in forever. I need help though. In two days, I'm getting a haircut. I have long, thick hair: My hair goes to my mid-back. I am thinking about cutting it shorter, because I want my hair to have more volume, and since I have thick hair, my hair has so much weight and the top of my hair is flat because of it. I don't want my hair to be poofy though, but do you guys think it would be poofy? I might cut it so my hair is right below my shoulders. What do you girls think: Just have a hair trim or cut it shorter?" (3 replies)

coolchick04, 14, , India asks...
"Hey guys!! Have any cool fashion/beauty tips?? Here's one from me- while painting your nails first rub some vaseline or petroleum jelly on your cuticles to avoid painting your cuticles also!! :)" (1 replies)

MAS4521, 26, GA, Georgia asks...
"Have any of y'all heard of them simply southern shirts? I'm in love with them!" (2 replies)

lily84677, 9, FL, United States of America asks...

foreveryoung1s, 17, FL, United States of America asks...
"okay my entire life I've lived off of handy downs now dad is finally getting me close from Plato's closet. but what should I wear? what could possibly read me?...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (3 replies)

goodgirl193, 16, ME, United States of America asks...
"ok i need some advice on snow WHAT should i were " (3 replies)

PrincessMonkee, 18, CA, United States of America asks...
"Have you heard of flash temporary tattoos? They're a really fun new trend!" (3 replies)

hiphipster555, 10, PA, United States of America asks...
"Ok, my parents make me wear skirts ALL THE TIME. Literally. Pants are like, out of the book for them. Especially my dad. I mean, I like skirts and whatev, but I don't want to wear it all the time!!!!! I'm not sure how to break it to them, bc I don't want them to get angry at me. I don't know what to do." (6 replies)

hiphipster555, 10, PA, United States of America asks...
"Hey girls, so I'm going to be giving my younger sister and my mom a makeover on Thanksgiving break. I'm going to telephone them to confirm their appointment, and send them a confirmation letter (even though we live in the same house). Lol, it's going to be so fun, with me the best of luck!" (2 replies)

QueeniJustini, 16, CT, United States of America asks...
"Do you layer shirts, sweaters and jackets to keep warm now or do you prefer to wear one big jacket or coat?" (2 replies)

Frumos_Freya, 17, , Pakistan asks...
"I love the articles of Fashion File and Beauty. very interesting!! ♥♥" (2 replies)

dolphinbuddy, 12, , Canada asks...
"okay.... so i know it might be a little early but.... anyone have any halloween costume ideas? I was thinking of being mario, or domo, or a minion but something like that? Thx!!" (2 replies)

AVA01, 14, SC, United States of America asks...
"Hey I'm 12 and I Model all around the word I need to know should I where a pink party dress with light blue candy heels or the dress from Avril Lavignes outfit from her song Hello Kitty." (1 replies)

DazzlerDiva101, 13, , India asks...
"Which Celebrity do you like on the basis of the way they dress or their style?" (4 replies)

DazzlerDiva101, 13, , India asks...
"Hey there! I'm Ree (Riya)and I'm amost 13.I just want to know what type of style you got..Well I'm pretty much a Boho Chic !" (2 replies)

arianagrande10, 17, TX, United States of America asks...
"do you think orange gose with black" (2 replies)

Treehugger14, 17, , Canada asks...
"Do you ever wear mismatched socks?" (1 replies)

Treehugger14, 17, , Canada asks...
"Have you ever made your own clothing before?" (3 replies)

Madiha_Y, 16, , Pakistan asks...
"Hi guys! MissO Girl Beth asked for a fashion file article with stylish polos, cardigans, khakis etc for school! I have finished it and its on the 'site! Have you checked? http://www.missoandfriends.com/scoop/scoop_details.php?article=Spice-Up-Your-Schools-Dress-Code-and-Still-Follow-the-Rules&id=2196&topic=fashion-file Next, if you want to request anything just SPILL =)" (1 replies)

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