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"Okay, as you can see, I am really nervous, excited, and afraid about going to middle school. Last year my friends fought a lot and it was the worst year ever. My plan is to make more friends, and be less crazy. I mean I know its the middle of summer and all, but I keep having dreams about stuff at school going wrong. Its just making me less, and less excited and more nervous. As I said I want to be less crazy but one of my friends doesn't think thats necessary (which is another reason I am not as pumped anymore) and I need more fiends. In my new school, you have to have a group of friends. No friends that are all in different groups and stuff, you best friends stick together, and have there own group. You can't have two groups. It just doesn't work that way in this school. I need more friends. I only have 2 close friends at this school and that is not enough. Does any on have any good ideas to meet new friends? ~ nervous, and excited, soapie333 P.S. WOW I wrote A LOT!!!!!!!!"

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