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    So I have a friend, let’s call her “Katie” and she’s been really distant lately. We don’t live very close to each other so we don’t see much of each other and she’s my second best friend, OK? So her and me and our other best friend (“Mia”) all like to hang out and talk with each other a lot and last summer I video chatted and texted with Katie almost every day and now it’s like she doesn’t have time for me anymore. I can see that she read my texts but she doesnt reply and never picks up to phone or video calls and she doesn’t check her email very often and I’m trying not to bug her but I’m just wondering if she’s ignoring me? Mia has even less contact with her than me and she’s just as confused as I am and this has been going on for a while and it seems like every time we see her (not very often) she acts like nothing’s wrong and I don’t want to grow apart or anything but I’m worried she’s hanging out with other people on her sports teams all the time. I know she’s busy, I just wish we could work this out.

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