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She Codes, Draws, Writes and does a lot of Community Service


13 year-old Lexy, or as we know her on Miss O & Friends @lely_lovergirl enjoys coming home from school and getting creative without what she has – crayons, pencils, markers – you name it and she can create an artistic masterpiece. When she’s not drawing she’s writing stories, and when she’s not working on the next bestseller she’s coding.

You’d think that writing, drawing and coding would take up a pretty big chunk of her time, but it doesn’t stop her from getting involved in The National Beta Club. The National Beta Club is an organization that, “was designed for the purpose of promoting young people to take part in community service.”

Lexy got involved in the Beta Club through her school.

 “Annually, my school picks students from grade levels 5-8th that demonstrate role model characteristics. I happened to be one of those people and got in the club by my teacher who nominated me for a position in beta.”

 Since she’s been involved most of her community service is spent through the school. She has been involved in can drives, the holiday store, fundraisers and Beta field trips. Rarely, Beta students also have the opportunity to participate in community service outside of school, such as shopping for the homeless.

“My favorite part of working with beta club is the fun we had performing our services. Community service is hard but it’s often fun and has it’s rewarding!” she said. “In my opinion, working with beta was a way for me to relax because I was often at ease knowing I was helping my school/community in something they needed to get done.”

So we’re talking about a girl who loves all things, drawing, writing, coding and community service. Her days must be pretty busy, right? Absolutely! And yet she still has time to participate in the Coriell Science Fair.

Can you say amazing!?

 Lexy got involved with Coriell through school and asked the question, “is the amount of foam in toothpaste and quality of whitening driven by the concentration of hydrogen peroxide.” Due to an error with her experiment she only received an honourable mention, but with all the amazing work she’s been doing in the community we know she’ll be doing some phenomenal experiments in the future.

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