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Mini Room Decorations

Hi girls,

So today I have a few ideas to make your room look beautiful. I recently came across an article and thought of sharing it with you all. I will also be trying a few after I’m done writing this article.

Add clothesline Picture Holder

I am sure you all have lots of best friends and want their pictures to be up in your room, here is a cute way. Also, you can add notes and reminders on it. AND use colored pegs! 


Mini Corkboard

Use a small corkboard for mini reminders and place it near your bed or on the same wall above your side table! Isn’t this just so adorable? 


Brick Bookends

Now this one is for avid readers like me! Have a book shelf and annoyed of books falling down? Use a red brick from your backyard, spray it, decorate it and VIOLA- Here is your ultimate solution!


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  1. horses77 03/10/2017 at 6:53 pm

    OMG I love it ?

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