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By: Anita, 31 (aka divastarfab)
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By: Anita, 31 (aka divastarfab)

Have you been to the store and seen many scarves, but none of them fit your clothes? Now you can make your own scarf!

You will need:

  • 2 gloves to wear
  • Fabric paint (colors are your choice!)
  • A plain white cloth thatís long and looks a lot like a scarf
  • Anything else you want to put on (If your using sequins, sew them on after the paint dries
  • A sheet of plastic or newspaper

Lay out the plastic or newspaper. Strap on your gloves and squirt out the fabric paint. Place the cloth on the plastic. Squirt out the paint and dip your finger into the paint and you can "finger-paint" on the cloth! If you want some cool patterns get out some stencils and fill it in with some paint. After you have designed the cloth with paint and you are satisfied, get out your decorations and start decorating! Once youíre done, crinkle up the scarf, hang it up outside (for at least a day,) and then wear it off! But wait . . . you can personalize everything! From pillowcases to t-shirts to purses, you can make everything YOUR OWN!

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