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GOTM WINNER: @coolstyle44

What makes me a miss o girl of the moment is that I work hard and I got all a’s and b’ s this whole school year I might be 11 but I got a chance to go to the student leaders retreat for free so I get to stay in a hotel with roommates and a chance to get a scholarship at the gifted and talented school in New Jersey. I had always been in the top class.


Name: Denielle

Age: 11


Interview with @coolstyle44


1. What is your favourite subject in school?

My favorite subject is Ela.


2. Is it ever hard to maintain your a’s and b’s?

To me maintaining my A’s and B’s are easy if I try very hard.


3. What did you do during your student retreat?

They said I could definitely go once I’m in 6th grade which I am in now. I will be going in summer.


4. What would you do if you got the scholarship to the gifted/talented school?

I did get the scholarship I’m doing really well, this proves that working hard can make things better.


5. What advice do you have for other girls who want to be at the top of their class?

For those who want to be on the top of their class just work hard, set a goal. It doesn’t matter what AGE you are you can do anything once you have your mind set.


  1. misso 11/03/2015 at 8:56 am

    Nice interview and congrats. Just one question. What subject is Ela ?

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