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Girl of the Moment: Yogner18
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Meet our latest “Girl of the Moment” contest winner! Tell us some of the amazing things you have done lately and be our next winner. Start sharing... what are you waiting for?

Here she is. Our new "Girl of the Moment". Enjoy her story.

Miss O Club Member: Yogner18

I raised over $500.00 for Haiti when the earthquake happened. I couldn't have done it without my parents, who are the most caring people I know, my wonderful 2nd grade class (now in 4th), and my wonderful 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Bovee. I decided to do this at a young age because I loved (and still do) helping people. My mother was most of my inspiration. She suggested that we help Hope For Haiti. I decided to use a super teenie Nike shoe-box (I wasn't expecting much to come in) and a booth outside with a poster that I made (and of course, with my now 16 year old sister's help), to raise money, and in a week, it started overflowing, and we had raised over $350.00! In after about a week after that, I asked my teacher if I could man the booth, and she said that we had already passed our goal, and we had collected about $520.00! I was so excited, and so was my mom. We were extremely happy that we had passed our goal in under two weeks! "

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