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Girl of the Moment: Sohi105
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Miss O Club Member: Sohi105

What makes me Girl of the Moment is that I love reading. Today, I went to BOB ( Battle of the Books ). We had to memorize titles and authors. I remember, when I tried out, I was very nervous. But when I made it, I was freaking out! I made it! A couple months later ( today ), I did the real BOB. It was really fun. I met a super-friendly news reporter, and I might be on television or the newpaper! Finally, and the end, we saw who won. It was not our school, but we clapped really loud for the other team who won. Next year, I will try out agian! Oh, and guess what? Miss America was there! Reading is awesome!

BTW, Sohi105 won the Whatever After/Taylor Swift tickets contest too!! Big conrats to her!

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