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Girl of the Moment: Skater86
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Here she is. Our new "Girl of the Moment". Enjoy her story.

Miss O Club Member: Skater86

"Like every other girl, I have hobbies. I enjoy music! Last year, when I was in 5th grade, I started band in my school. I decided to play the flute, just like my mom did when she was little. When school was almost over, we did chair auditions, which is where all of the band students go into a different room and play music on their instrument and then the teacher picks person is the best. I was very nervous, and I prayed that I would be in 1st chair for flutes because I had worked so hard and I had such a great passion for playing the flute. To my surprise and delight, the music teacher picked me to be in 1st chair. I felt really wonderful, and my family was very proud of me. Being able to play music is a very special and fun talent, and I'm so glad that I have it as a talent!- Gabriela"

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