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Girl of the Moment: FemmeBrulee
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girl of the moment

Meet our newest “Girl of the Moment” contest winner! Tell us some of the amazing things you have done lately and be our next winner. Start sharing... what are you waiting for?

Here she is. Our new "Girl of the Moment". She's a very special person.

Miss O Club Member: FemmeBrulee

My name is Katie, I'm 15. What makes me Girl of the Moment is my will and my drive to make a difference. When I was 13, me and my sister were treated very poorly. I have the bravery to go to my school counselor and tell about everything that was happening and get us both to safety. I had a lot of trouble getting past this, but I decided to develop my talents and become the best person I could be! I play the saxophone in my high school band and I love to draw and hope to become a fashion designer some day. My sister and I are great friends and have helped each other through it all. I'm so glad she and I got through this together and made ourselves into the best girl we could be. Now, I help girls who have gone through tough times, iron out their bad feelings and get to a place where they can be happy and strive to achieve their goals and be their best.

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