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Meet our newest “Girl of the Moment” contest winner! Tell us some of the amazing things you have done lately and be our next winner. Start sharing... what are you waiting for?

Here she is. Our new "Girl of the Moment". She's a very special person.

Miss O Club Member: BigWheels

I've always loved working with elementary school students. So, in 6th grade, when I found out about PressFriends, a non-profit organization to help 3rd-5th grade elementary school kids in lower-income areas of California, I jumped at the chance to help younger kids. I combined my love of kids with my passion for writing, and I became a PressFriends mentor. I went to the schools to mentor the kids and help them write newspaper articles for a school newspaper we would help them put together. As school got harder, i had less time to mentor, so I joined the local volunteer organization at my library, which calls for volunteers every now and then. I helped with Halloween and Thanksgiving crafts there, and served lemonade and cookies to younger girls at the annual American Girls Historical Dolls Tea Party. Last year, I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer for over 50 hours combined with both PressFriends and the library, so I was able to receive the Bronze level of the Presidential Service Award. I'm hoping that this year, I'll be able to do more for both PressFriends and the library, as school is no longer a problem, if I manage my time wisely.

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