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cheetah girls concert winner
This lucky winner saw the Cheetah Girls in concert in Worcester after winning a Miss O & Friends contest.
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cheetah girls concert tickets
Winner of Worcester, MA concert tix writes...

Hi Miss O Readers and Cheetah Girl Fans,

Iím a Cheetah Girl fan who just won tickets to a Cheetah Girl concert. It was November 17th at the DCU Center in Worcester. Iím so glad that I won because I didnít think I would. I just entered at Miss O and Friend web-site to give it a shot. Then, a few days later, I got an email saying the tickets would be waiting for me at the Center. I was so excited because not only did I make myself happy, but my friends too! It was their first concert.

I thought the concert was terrific! Not only do the songs have a great beat, but they teach girls every day lessons. For example, in the song ďOne WorldĒ the Cheetah Girls encourage us to all get along since we all live in one world together. I thought it was cool that they had different backdrops and lighting representing different parts of the world to go with different songs. The concert celebrated diversity.

When I hear a song on the radio or television I think the ones with a good beat are awesome, but sometimes you donít realize the song you like is really just a bad example, but Cheetah Girls arenít like that. Their songs are fun and energetic and soulful, but they also give a good message. I think when you get both itís pretty amazing. All the songs in the concert had a meaning that I admire because I like to write songs myself. Iím really touched by the songs in the concert because they didnít just bring a great day, theyíll bring me a great life. Theyíve inspired and have taught me that to write good music your donít have to stick to the status quo and if you donít youíre more likely to make a difference.

If youíve never been to a concert, you should definitely check out the Cheetahís because youíll leave the concert feeling confident. The Cheetah Girls set a good example for anyone. The Cheetah Girls are all different colors and shapes and if youíre black or white, tall or short, you shouldnít feel bad about what you look like, itís the inside that counts. I think if we can all come together, we can work to make the world totally Cheetahlicious.