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Sara lives in Kentucky. She is a 15 year old home schooled high school freshman. She loves sports and trying all new things in the outdoors! She's a bit of a tomboy, but that's never stopped her from going to the mall with friends for a girlie shopping spree! She also enjoys participating in community theatre where making new friends is the best part of the show.

She was introduced to Miss O and Friends by her older sister about 5 years ago. The "Wall" is one of her favorite parts of the site..."The girls are so helpful with their advice, and when you give advice you feel great about it!" She loves that Miss O and Friends was started by a girl just like her, because she has always thought of creating her own business or "invention". Because of that, she is considering Entrepreneurial careers or her own business related to marine biology or the medical field.

Check me out on the Wall! My screen name is: animalover11. Talk to you there!