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Hi girls! My name is Caroline, and I'm a "Miss O and Friends" intern. I go to high school in upstate New York, and enjoy fashion, finding cool hotspots and eating delicious cupcakes! I have been working with the site for several years, and I LOVE my job!

I first became involved with "Miss O and Friends" in 2008 when I won tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert.

In a typical month, I write two each of "Get to Knows", quizzes, and "Hot Off the Press" articles with up to date news on teen stars.

I am also in charge of compiling the Editorial Calendar, which schedules deadlines for intern work and shows posting dates for articles and games.

Being involved with "Miss O and Friends" has taught me responsibility, dramatically improved my writing skills and given me a taste of the working world. I don't know what I would be doing today if I had not become a "Miss O" intern, but I know my life would not nearly be as fulfilling or exciting!

Check me out on the Wall! My screen name is: MissCaroline. Talk to you there!


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