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Harjot | Olivia J. | Alexandra | Rebekah | Kate | Ava | Connie | Jess |

Sabeen | Dhara | Marissa | Sara | Olivia C. | Sohi | Alexis | Claire |

Madiha | Cher-Marie | Laura | Sophie | Mehar | Savannah | Michelle |

Caitlyn | Caroline | Kamryn | Emma | Mahima Rose | Sheri |

Grace | Van | Madison | Haley |

Miss O interns are girls who want to help and make a difference. Their love for the site and their enthusiasm to work making it the best place for girls to go to, is overwhelming. They share advice, write articles for the Scoop, come up with contest ideas, review everything that gets posted and help with the artwork! These girls help make our site great. They are the future.

If you're interested to be an intern, just fill out our Miss O Intern Application Form and send us an email that it's been completed.

If you already are an intern and want to be added to this page, send a short bio about yourself to us, what you do on the site and a photo we can post. No personal info please. Looking forward to getting you up on our site.

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