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Miss O & Friends® is a safe socialization website brand, created & curated by girls who have outgrown Barbie, yet not ready for Beyonce, ultimately to help build self-esteem. Young girls grow faster physically than emotionally. Miss O & Friends® provides a hip, yet wholesome alternative, which allows girls to still be girls.

Their pictures and stories are authentic and inspirational. These young girls are hip, yet wholesome, with a positive sense of self. Although diverse, they share common enthusiasm for the Internet, mobility, texting, Instagramming and connecting online - many of the primary tools for how young girls gather and communicate today. The Miss O & Friends website, books and blogs, as well as branded offerings, convey who the girls are and what they stand for, reflecting their sense of confidence, the truths and the wholesome values of these real girls.

The Miss O & Friends® girls are real ...conceived of, evolved with, and managed by young girls, to provide a positive "voice of authenticity" and help build a sense of confidence for young girls growing up. What started as something to do with friends has organically grown into the Miss O characters you see throughout the site.

The Miss O & Friends® website is COPPA compliant, CARU Audited & Certified: http://www.missoandfriends.com/shared/press/releases/02132013_CARU-Recommends-HD-Group-Modify-Website.pdf. Along with our sister site Miss O Moms we generate +100,000,000 monthly impressions and The Procter & Gamble Company is our largest investor.

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