Cimorelli Talks New Album “Alive”

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If you don’t already know them, Cimorelli is girl band from California consisting of 6 gorgeous sisters. They have always been our inspiration at Miss O and Friends. This time, they are back with another super amazing album called “Alive”. 

  1. First of all, what have you been up to since we last talked?


Katherine: We released our first album, Up At Night, in May 2016, toured South America, all over the US and Europe for the second time, and now we are coming out with our second album, Alive, and our first book, Lessons Learned


  1. “Alive” is such a deep, meaningful and emotional album. What inspired you to write it?


Katherine: We were inspired by the human experience and how meaningful it is if you can embrace every moment and emotion, no matter how painful or devastating. The message is all about hope and positivity, about finding light even in the darkest of moments. 


  1. “One More Night” is a powerful song, a song which is strongly needed. What was the inspiration behind it?


Katherine: Dani wrote it. It was inspired by her conversation with one of our fans on Twitter who was feeling hopeless like she wanted to give up on life. The song is basically everything Dani was saying to her, urging her to give it one more night. 

  1. How do you cope with it when things get tough and full of uncertainty?


Katherine: We definitely get down sometimes. There is always that temptation to give up, to stop fighting and pushing forward is hard. Music is a really tough career path. I think turning to and relying on God is really what has helped us stay strong. 


  1. How does it feel like writing, singing and performing together – as sisters? What are the best stuff and not so good stuff?


Katherine: It is an amazing experience. Being with family, there is an incredibly deep and complicated bond. We know each other better than anyone else so we can understand each other better. The challenge comes from spending a lot of time together. I think sometimes we can rub each other the wrong way and take each other for granted. 


  1. What songs by other artists (similar to One More Night) have inspired you to write your own? How have they helped you cope?


Katherine: “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato is an amazing song. I know it impacted me (Katherine) in a big way to overcome struggles when I felt like giving up. Also, I know my sisters love the song “Beautiful Disaster” by Jon McLaughlin. It’s so powerful and relatable. 


  1. What else does Alive contain?


Katherine: Alive is a collection of life songs. There is a lot of hope, positivity and a strong, uplifting message. There are songs about God, shame, addiction, keeping the faith in finding the right person, finding beauty in pain, and not giving up on life. 


  1. Releasing on Christmas (almost), don’t you think it would be the only outstanding album – given that most of the others would be more festive and Christmas-y?


Katherine: Maybe! Haha we will see! It comes out December 20th so it does make a great Christmas gift! 


  1. You sisters have always been so inspiring and amazing role models for Miss O girls. How does it feel like knowing that young girls look up to you?


Katherine: Thank you so much! It feels amazing! We love our fans and consider them to be like sisters and brothers- part of our big, crazy family! It is a complete honor to have their support and to be able to share our art and our hearts with them. 


  1. Who do you look up to?


Katherine: We each have different role models, but some big ones are Brené Brown (for Christina), Shauna Niequist and Oprah (Katherine) and God for all of us. 


  1. Message for girls before signing off.

Katherine: Thank you so much for reading this! We love you all very much and hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season! We are so thankful to have you in our lives and to have your support. We hope you enjoy our new album, Alive, that it lifts you up and encourages you. And we hope you love reading our book Lessons Learned– that it makes you laugh and smile!!

Check out Cimorelli’s new album “Alive” here!