Tough as Nails

Breaking nails left and right? Long nails are great, but sometimes it´s hard to keep them from chipping or breaking. To toughen up flimsy fingernails, just rub garlic oil on the nails and cuticles. It really works!

What is an Ellebox, anyway?

Ellebox is a monthly subscription box for women and girls! They recently released their tween box for teenagers. This box is perfect if you are a teenage girl and are going through your period. It comes with two treats that can consist of chocolate, tea, a healthy snack, etc. It also comes with two pamper items which are usually a skin care product or something nice you can use to pamper yourself. Lastly and most importantly it comes with 100% organic feminine products. This is perfect for teens because most of us girls deal with our periods and need the necessities for it. It also comes with a pamphlet that has everything you need to know about menstruation. It was so useful to have this. I definitely recommend this to all teens going through their period. It is so nice to pamper yourself and have the supplies you need to have for your time of the month. Also the products are 100% organic, which is awesome. Hope you try out Ellebox it is such a help! Use the discount code MISSO to get 50% off your first box! Check it out at!   

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