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Have An Under The Sea Party For Your Little Sister

Hey Everybody! So my sister's birthday is next week,she's turning 7 and she badly wanted a party because doh... who doesn't want a party for their birthday? My mom didn't know what theme to make it and neither did my sister but coincedentaly at that time I was watching The Little Mermaid so: Brainstorm! An under the sea party! And my sister went hysterical... Haha! So here is what my mom and I prepared for the party:(all our preperations are done now) * we printed pictures of sea shells and bought tissue paper. We cut the paper into strips and glued the shell pictures at the bottom of each strip then hung them from the ceiling. * we printed Ariel and the prince dress up dolls, cut them out and put them into party packs with a small packet of candy corn and a rainbow lolly pop each. * we bought lots of blue balloons and tied them to all sorts of things in the house. * we made the most adorable starfish cookies and cupcakes. We also got them cute little Ariel crowns. * We set up a backyard treasure hunt. I designed maps of our garden, got them printed and put an X on each of the maps in a different location and we are going to hide little boxes with chocolate coins inside in hiding spots. This is going to be tons of fun! And maybe you got some ideas? Comment on this post ;)

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How to keep your Old Friends while making new Ones!

How To Keep Old Friends and Make New Ones Are you about to go off to college? Or maybe you and your family have just moved and you are starting a new scho ol? Lots of situations arise where you are forced to make new friends, which is a great thing! That’s what we are all about here at However, it’s important to stay in touch and maintain your old friendships as well! While moving to a new town or starting a new school can be traumatic, the only way to successfully cope is to make new friends!  Making new friends is the easy part (we do have a whole site devoted to it!) but it’s a little harder keeping in touch with your old ones! Especially initially, it is very important to put in the extra effort when keeping up with your old friends.  That extra phone call or text message to say you are thinking about them will really make a difference!     Making a special effort to visit your old friends is important. Whether you are close enough to visit once a month, or only once a year it’s important to make those visits count! We are sure you’ll find your friendships just as easy and wonderful as when you saw each other every day!  Planning a yearly reunion around the holidays or a birthday is always a good idea! It gives you something to look forward to, making your time apart seem shorter! When you off having fun with your new friends (which you should be doing!) don’t

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My Halloween Costume Ideas!

My Halloween Costume Ideas! If you don't know what to be for Halloween, try my easy costume ideas: An Anti Fairy: You'll need bat wings and crown plus a black wand. Don't forget the blue skin. If you want to be a certain one, follow their characteristics. For example, Anti Wanda has the funky teeth and swirl in her hair. Anti Cosmo has the proper British man appearance - bowler hat, monocle, & a fancy suit jacket. Anti Cupid just has a scowl, bow-tie outfit and hate arrows. Foop has a skull shirt and baby bottle with blue wings. A cat: Just add cat ears and a fake fur tail. and a Harry Potter character: Choose your favorite to decide which one to dress as. If you like Hermione, try frizzy hair and a cute dress. If you like Harry, try a scar on your forehead and circular glasses. If you like Voldemort, try a scary scowl and do red & blue veins on your skin and put on a black cloak. This is going to be the best Halloween ever! Who will you choose?

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Lemon Face Cleanser for Oily Skin

Lemon Face Cleanser for Oily Skin Do you have an oily skin and do not know how to deal with it? Have you tried all face cleansers/face washes  and have found no good results whatsoever? Then here is your answer! Make this lemon face cleanser shown in the video below and see instant results!

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Getting Along with Brothers and Sisters

As much as we love of our brothers and sisters sometimes we just don't get a long. May be your older sister is hogging the bathroom or your brother won't let you watch your favorite T.V. show. When you're feeling jealous or frustrated its important not to loose your cool. Below are a few tips for getting along better with your siblings: Take an Interest in Their Hobbies   Getting dragged to the arena to watch your sister play hockey or spending hours at your brother's music rehearsals can be a pain, but sitting back and enjoying what your sibling loves to do can help you build a closer relationship. Remember Your Own Talents May be your younger sister won first place in her swim meet, but it's important to avoid jealousy and remember the things you're proud of.  Think about your special talents before wishing you had someone else's. Think About the Positive Impact They've Made on your Life When angry with one of your siblings take a minute to think of all the incredible things they've done for you. Remember when you're sister helped you pass your math test? Or that time your older brother stood up for against the bullies? Thinking about the positive impact they've had on your life will make you forget about whatever you were fighting over. Work as a Team If you've been paired with the unfortunate task of cleaning the kitchen or folding the laundry split the work evenly and work together to get it done faster. Don't fight over who's doing more work and you'll

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Yummy Oreo Churros

Yummy Oreo Churros Churros have lately been everyone's favorite dessert. This video shows you how to make them with ease with an addition of yummy oreos! Please let me know how they turn out to be! xx

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Writer’s Block Story Ideas

Have Writer's block every time you want to write a Fiction book? Always thinking of the best ideas for a book... but then never getting to them or not finishing them? Well I have a solution for one of them atleast, cause I'm always thinking of ideas but can't finish them. So I thought I'd write down some of my ideas I've had recently, and maybe you can take them if you have Writers Block. Feel free to just take parts of the story ideas and change my not-so-good titles any way you want! Note: If you take these ideas don't forget to tell me when you write a story about it or based on it. You don't have to give credit cause I'm allowing people to use them. #1: Wrong Category When 3 new kids come to Riffledor Middle School in the middle of NH, USA, they expect they'll be the same type of kid they were before, John the jock, Rebecca the popular girl, Joeseph the nerd, and Samantha the loser, the one with no friends, the most unpopular. But even from the first day they find out this School isn't anything like their old one, and when they do the same tricks they did last year, it places them in the wrong category. What are they gonna do? (Queue for you to decide what happens next) #2: (Coming Soon!)

How To Clean Fruit

How To Clean Fruit Hygiene comes first. This is super important. Below are instructions on how to clean the chemicals off of an apple. It can also be used for pears, grapes, peaches, watermelons, oranges, any fruit with a smooth but not sensitive flesh. 1. Fill a mixing bowl with hot water (boiling hot), and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Put enough water to cover the fruit. 2. Let sit for 5 minutes. 3. Any chemicals should come up as white fuzz on the outside of the fruit. IF there isn't any, run cold water over fruit and eat. 4. If there are chemicals (white stuff), use an extra toothbrush or clean sponge and scrub the fruit until no more . Rinse and scrub with fingers, then eat. Thanks for reading.

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Design a Custom Band Tee

Band t-shirts are the quintessential rock star look. Don't be one of the crowd in a boring store bought shirt. Custom tees are the way to go (especially if you're looking to catch the eye of your fave star at a meet and greet or concert!). Designing an eye-catching shirt is easier than you think. Just follow these simple steps! 1. Find the shirt. Look for a plain, one color t-shirt at your favorite stores. I recommend a white shirt it will show the printed design best. Choose one that fits you well, not a boxy, one size fits all pattern. 2. Brainstorm ideas. You want your design to be totally unique. Highlight your favorite band member, add song lyrics, feature a cause important to the artist, or use humor to create a one of a kind design. 3. Bring your design to life. Find pictures on the internet to create the final version of your design. Use Photoshop or another photo editing software to put the image together. If you don't have any of these programs, simply print out the pictures and cut and paste them together. The final design should be on one sheet and should be no larger than computer paper (most print shops can't transfer bigger designs). 4. Get it printed! Take your design to a local t-shirt print shop to transfer the image onto your shirt. Most shops take less than a week and cost under $20. 5. Rock your shirt and enjoy the concert!

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