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Quick Summer Hairstyle: Get Elsa’s Braid

If you have always wanted Elsa's effortless and messy braid, now is the time to achieve that. And guess what, Summer is the best time to try because this time of the year, you do want to wear your hair but the heat stops you, right?   Below is an easy-peasy heatless tutorial. Try it!  

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How to Cope with Bullying

“When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.” – Chris Colfer When you are the victim of bullying the one thing you want is for it to stop. Immediately. You don’t care about why you’re being targeted or why the bully may be lashing out; all you care about is that it ends.   Tell a trusted adult Don't worry about being called a "tattletale" or any other names. An adult can talk to the bully, to their parents, or to a teacher. This has the highest success rate of ending bullying and if you don’t feel comfortable talking face to face you can use other ways of communicating like writing a letter or sending a text about what’s happening.   Walk in Groups It’s true what they say – that there is power in numbers. So, ask your friends to walk with you. When your friends aren’t around walk with an adult or a sibling.   Do not show you are upset. Don't get angry, don't cry, and don’t show that you are bothered by their actions. This is one of the hardest things you can do as bullying often has a powerful impact but they trying to ignore them can prevent them from tormenting you further.   Prevent Communication  If you are being cyberbullied try to prevent communication by blocking email address, cell phone numbers, and deleting them from social media.   Start an anti-bullying program

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How To Start A Blog

Here are some helpful ways to start your own blog. Many people use Blogs as a public medium to reach out to viewers all around the world. Blogger is one of the big websites where a person can start a blog. Blogger is a type of social media where, as its name implies, is a place where a person can make their own blog. First off, a person needs to know what a blog is before they start one. A Blog can be used as a form of self- expression. Also, a blog can include links to other webpages that are applicable to the topic. For example, in my blog post titled “The Time that I Realized I was a hopeless romantic” I posted links to songs and the movie that I was referring to. 1. The very first thing you do when a person wants to open a blog is go to:, which is blogger’s website and click sign up. Now you must have a google account to sign up with blogger. Using this option ties your google account with your blogger account. Also, if you have a YouTube account, there is a choice to use your YouTube username, which is what I’ve done because I like to use it as some sort of secret identity. 2. After you choose the username you want to use, the next step is coming up with a name for the blog. The name of my blog is SuperStarzSingerz Corner. A tip is to come up with a title that is catchy. If it is catchy,

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Have An Under The Sea Party For Your Little Sister

Hey Everybody! So my sister's birthday is next week,she's turning 7 and she badly wanted a party because doh... who doesn't want a party for their birthday? My mom didn't know what theme to make it and neither did my sister but coincedentaly at that time I was watching The Little Mermaid so: Brainstorm! An under the sea party! And my sister went hysterical... Haha! So here is what my mom and I prepared for the party:(all our preperations are done now) * we printed pictures of sea shells and bought tissue paper. We cut the paper into strips and glued the shell pictures at the bottom of each strip then hung them from the ceiling. * we printed Ariel and the prince dress up dolls, cut them out and put them into party packs with a small packet of candy corn and a rainbow lolly pop each. * we bought lots of blue balloons and tied them to all sorts of things in the house. * we made the most adorable starfish cookies and cupcakes. We also got them cute little Ariel crowns. * We set up a backyard treasure hunt. I designed maps of our garden, got them printed and put an X on each of the maps in a different location and we are going to hide little boxes with chocolate coins inside in hiding spots. This is going to be tons of fun! And maybe you got some ideas? Comment on this post ;)

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How to keep your Old Friends while making new Ones!

How To Keep Old Friends and Make New Ones Are you about to go off to college? Or maybe you and your family have just moved and you are starting a new scho ol? Lots of situations arise where you are forced to make new friends, which is a great thing! That’s what we are all about here at However, it’s important to stay in touch and maintain your old friendships as well! While moving to a new town or starting a new school can be traumatic, the only way to successfully cope is to make new friends!  Making new friends is the easy part (we do have a whole site devoted to it!) but it’s a little harder keeping in touch with your old ones! Especially initially, it is very important to put in the extra effort when keeping up with your old friends.  That extra phone call or text message to say you are thinking about them will really make a difference!     Making a special effort to visit your old friends is important. Whether you are close enough to visit once a month, or only once a year it’s important to make those visits count! We are sure you’ll find your friendships just as easy and wonderful as when you saw each other every day!  Planning a yearly reunion around the holidays or a birthday is always a good idea! It gives you something to look forward to, making your time apart seem shorter! When you off having fun with your new friends (which you should be doing!) don’t

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My Halloween Costume Ideas!

My Halloween Costume Ideas! If you don't know what to be for Halloween, try my easy costume ideas: An Anti Fairy: You'll need bat wings and crown plus a black wand. Don't forget the blue skin. If you want to be a certain one, follow their characteristics. For example, Anti Wanda has the funky teeth and swirl in her hair. Anti Cosmo has the proper British man appearance - bowler hat, monocle, & a fancy suit jacket. Anti Cupid just has a scowl, bow-tie outfit and hate arrows. Foop has a skull shirt and baby bottle with blue wings. A cat: Just add cat ears and a fake fur tail. and a Harry Potter character: Choose your favorite to decide which one to dress as. If you like Hermione, try frizzy hair and a cute dress. If you like Harry, try a scar on your forehead and circular glasses. If you like Voldemort, try a scary scowl and do red & blue veins on your skin and put on a black cloak. This is going to be the best Halloween ever! Who will you choose?

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Lemon Face Cleanser for Oily Skin

Lemon Face Cleanser for Oily Skin Do you have an oily skin and do not know how to deal with it? Have you tried all face cleansers/face washes  and have found no good results whatsoever? Then here is your answer! Make this lemon face cleanser shown in the video below and see instant results!

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