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How To Get Better Grades

How To Get Better Grades It's hard to get good grade at times. Here are some of my top tips to try getting better grades. 1. Pay attention in class Although it may seem boring and you may think you'll never need it in real life, paying attention in class is important so that you know what is going on. Teachers sometimes also sprinkle hints and tips about the upcoming test in their lesson. 2. Don't Copy The teacher may have said that you may work with each other, at least try the work by yourself first or do it while you're discussing the problem with your friends. If you just copy of of someone, you won't know if you truly understand the material or not. 3. Ask the Teacher Don't be afraid to raise your hand and ask the teacher if you don't understand something. Teachers, no matter how nice or mean they are, are there to teach, and they should explain it to you. Even though it may be hard, it will totally be worth it if you understand it now. 4. Or Step Two- Ask a Classmate Maybe the teacher wasn't very helpful, or you really don't want to ask it in public. Take step 2- asking a classmate. They are learning the same exact thing as you are, and chances are, there is at least one person who understands what you are learning. Tell someone, "Hey, I don't really get this. Do you?" 5. Study! This seems a little obvious, but you'd be surprised ho many of my friends don't

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