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What Would It Be Like If Gender Roles Were Reversed?

For a school project, Ella Fields (now age 14) was asked to think about what she was most passionate and the result is this incredible short film  At age 13, Ella created “Stereo,” described as “a film about reversed gender stereotypes,” and it’s been viewed over 1.7 million times to date. In Fields’ film, boys are the only ones who are supposed to wear dresses and girls are forbidden from participating in musical theater, both things the female protagonist yearns to do.  “I mainly just wanted to raise awareness of how stereotypes are meaningless,” Fields says. “Girls can do anything boys can do, and boys can do anything we can, too.” We absolutely love this! Go Ella! Keep squashing those stereotypes. Because yes, we agree... stereotypes suck. Have you ever felt held back by gender stereotypes? 

4 Reasons Why Staying True To Yourself Is Actually The Best Thing Ever

Being you is the best thing you can be! It's easy to get wrapped up in trying to be something you're not and changing who you are to "fit in" or "be cool." But really, being yourself is the best thing you can be... because you're your best you. When you start getting down, come back to these reasons why it's important to stay true to yourself. 1. You can establish your own identity Take a couple of minutes and answer these questions: What describes your personality? What are your values? What do you want to achieve in future? What are the things you are passionate about? What do you like and dislike? Every individual has some unique set of characteristics, principles and life goals etc that make them who they are. The more you get to know yourself the more it helps you to establish your identity. For example, one of the impressive traits of Wonder Woman is that she is super curious. To understand who she is, her character found it necessary to understand the world and that’s why truth becomes a big aspect of her identity. In fact, it becomes so important that she created a lie detector called the Lasso of Truth! She was even named the Goddess of Truth by her gods!   2. You can create honest relationships with others “How can you stand out when you work so hard to fit in?” Embracing who you are is what makes you a unique individual! After you have established your sense of style or values, people are more willing

Go Girls! Culture Code

Spotlight: Girls Presents...    #GirlsMakeMedia Be Creative. Be Safe. Be You. Online.  You are amazing and the world needs to know it. Wanna take center stage in the world? Media will give you the tools you need. Share ideas, experiments, projects, and stories with everybody you know & want to know. See who is just waiting to follow your lead. Use the Go Girls!™ Culture Code as your guide to be creative, be safe and be  I am ready for anything! I say YES to keep the fun going! I say NO to keep myself safe! DO make media about topics that matter to YOU! Do you heart animals? Obsessed with anime? Dream of becoming a chef? - Whatever you’re into, there is someone else out there who wants to hear about it. DON’T share personal information like your last name, phone number, your address. It’s important to set boundaries online to keep yourself safe. Head over to the Girl2Girl Wall where you can socialize safely with other girls! Ask questions, get advice about anything and everything!   I give to others & I am happy. I take in the good & I am healthy. I am a Go Girl! & I belong! DO become part of an online community as a way to make new friends. Social networks exist to help us connect with others who care about the same things we do.  But… DON’T ever make a plan to hang out

Youtube is Celebrating Women Who Inspire Us Everyday

#HerVoiceisMyVoice In celebration of International Women's Day, youtube has launched a site-wide social campaign using the tag #HerVoiceisMyVoice to commemorate the fight for gender equality. YOUTUBE The hashtag is meant to share the stories of inspirational women from around the globe. Youtube is inviting viewers to share videos of everything form Misty Copeland On Changing the Face of Ballet to Malala Yousafzai's Nobel Peace Prize Speech across Social Media. “At YouTube, we believe that voices matter,” wrote chief marketing officer Danielle Tiedt in a blog post. “We’re committed to fostering a community where everyone’s voice can be heard…the more we listen to and share each other’s stories, the more we can help empower women’s voices everywhere.” In addition YouTube Kids is also celebrating  Women’s History Month by creating a playlist honoring notable accomplishments by women in American history. Which women are you celebrating? Who are your most inspirational female figures? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tiera Guinn is the 22-year-old engineer already working for NASA

 “You have to look forward to your dream, and you can’t let anybody get in the way of it” Guinn is a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for the Space Launch System that aerospace company Boeing is building for NASA, which means she analyzes parts of a rocket that she says will be one of the biggest and most powerful in history. WBRC She realized she wanted to be an aerospace engineer from a young age. In an interview with WBRC she said, “One day I saw a plane fly by and I just had this realization, ‘I can design planes. I’m going to be an aerospace engineer,’” she continued. “So every middle school class that I chose, it was directed towards that goal. The high school that I chose, that took me an hour to get to everyday, it was because I wanted to be an aerospace engineer.” Her mom noticed her daughter’s impressive skills with math a young age. “When [my mom and I] would go to the grocery store, she would get me to clip coupons [and] put it in my coupon organizer,” Guinn told WBRC News. “By the time we got to the register, I’d have to calculate the exact total, including tax. And I did that since I was six years old.” Tiera be graduating from MIT with a 5.0 GPA soon. Guinn pulls inspiration from her favourite movie Hidden Figures, and hopes to see more diversity her in field. “You should see a black woman as rocket propulsion engineers, as rocket structural and analysis and design engineers. You should see

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