A Little Positivity To Cheer You Up

A Little Positivity to Cheer You Up I don't know if you know this but I recently submitted something about what I was going through in my life and it WASN'T something cheerful. At all. I was so down and depressed and I thought things would never work out for me. And I know for sure that there are many girls out there that feel the same way as me. And I want you girls to know that IT ENDS. All the pain and sadness - it goes away. You just need to hold on to the hope that it will. Never lose hope because it is something that will keep you going. And there will be someone out there who will help you get through the pain, the anger, the sadness, everything. And I know that you're thinking that this is really stupid and that everybody says this but trust me. I thought the very same things. I thought about how stupid life was and that it wasn’t worth it. That I wasn’t worth it. But then I plucked up the courage to talk to one of my closest friends about it and it made such a huge difference for me. She stood by me through everything and listened so well and we sorted everything out. And by the time we split up after our conversation, I’ve never felt happier in my whole life. I felt so elated and warm and smiley J And I’m sure that things will be alright. I’ll be fine. Things will work out and I won’t lose hope.

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Friends Who Accept You

You don't just call your friend YOUR FRIEND for no reason,you call them your friend because they accept you for who you are. You can tell if your friend is your real friend by testing them out and getting the truth out of them. Ask them if you dident look look the way you did, would they still hang out with you. If they say no then they are not your real friend. Your friend is supposed to hang out with you no matter how you look. If they say yes, you can know then and there that they are your true friend. No matter how you look your friends are supposed to accept you for who you are.

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The Last Thing!

So as I survived the first month of my new school, I was so happy and popular. I got into the U-13 basketball team and every other day a boy asked me out.

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