8 Times Raina Telgemeier Reminded us Comics aren’t Just for Boys

Comics Aren’t Just for Boys! Typically when you hear "comic book," it's associated with something for boys... like Spiderman, or Batman or some other super hero story. But first of all, comic books aren't just about super heroes. Author & illustrator Raina Telgemeier shows us that pretty quickly! And second of all, if you want to read a comic book about Batman or Superman or some crazy named super villain we've never heard of, no one is stopping you!  

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9 Cakes for Book Lovers

For that Rare Moment when Bookworms Put Down Their Novels This Tribute to Alice in Wonderland Cakes by Robin / Instagram: @cakesbyrobincakes This Cake for all Fans of Harry Potter Or this Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Inspired Piece of Art cupcakemama216 / Instagram: @cupcakemama216 Why not Try This Adorable Hobbit House from The Lord of the Rings Bake You Happy / Or Stick With a Classic and Eat a Shakespeare Cake Butterfly Bakeshop / Twitter: @ButterflyBkShp And any Good Classic Deserves Another so Why Not Celebrate with The Great Gatsby Himself DESIREdesignsdecor / Ensure the Odds are Ever in Your Favor with this Hunger Games Cake And for those Times that just one Book isn't Enough Pick a Stack of All Your Favorites Or Follow the Yellow Brick Road to this Wizard of Oz Inspired Cake Which literary cake was your favorite? If you could design a cake around any book/series what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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