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CuteTomboy: Caring for Kittens

Girl of the Moment: @CuteTomboy I once took in a stray kitten, and raised him till he was an adult. Name: Harlie Age: 12  Interview With @cutetomboy 1. Is this the first time you’ve rescued an animal before? Yes. 2. Was it hard taking care of the kitten? Not really I was 7. 3. What is your favourite animal? Kittens and puppies. 4. Have you ever thought about becoming a vet? No. 5. What was the most rewarding part about taking in the stray kitten? That I helped him survive.

vanillacokeisbae567: She Doesn’t Let her Condition get the Better of Her

Girl of the Moment: vanillacokeisbae567 What makes me Miss O You ask ? Well my perserveirence to do things my docter thought I can't ! My name is Mya and I was born with Arthrogriposis Multiplex Congentia. Which is a muscle condition and it limits me to do things in life that most people can . But stuff my Doctor thought i could not do such as, riding a bike,playing with toys,getting dressed etc I have learned very well and can do now!!! It took lots of guts to want to try this stuff but I did and I'm very proud of my self ! Name: Mya Age: 13 Interview with @vanillacokeisbae567 1. How does arthrogryposis multiplex congentia affect you exactly? Arthrogryposis effects me by not have full rage of movement or bending in my right arm at all except my fingers. 2. Has there ever been a point when you wanted to give up? If so, how did you overcome it? I wanted to give up when I wanted to get in a dance class people told me don't do it you use both arms a lot !!! I overcame it by signing up for class and going for it anyway 3. How does it feel knowing you’ve overcome the odds? I can't believe I did it! 4. What advice do you have for other girls experiencing the same condition? My advice it go for it even if there is doubt weather it's self or others telling you no !!!!

coolstyle44: Top of the Class

GOTM WINNER: @coolstyle44 What makes me a miss o girl of the moment is that I work hard and I got all a's and b' s this whole school year I might be 11 but I got a chance to go to the student leaders retreat for free so I get to stay in a hotel with roommates and a chance to get a scholarship at the gifted and talented school in New Jersey. I had always been in the top class. Name: Denielle Age: 11   Interview with @coolstyle44   1. What is your favourite subject in school? My favorite subject is Ela.   2. Is it ever hard to maintain your a’s and b’s? To me maintaining my A's and B's are easy if I try very hard.   3. What did you do during your student retreat? They said I could definitely go once I'm in 6th grade which I am in now. I will be going in summer.   4. What would you do if you got the scholarship to the gifted/talented school? I did get the scholarship I'm doing really well, this proves that working hard can make things better.   5. What advice do you have for other girls who want to be at the top of their class? For those who want to be on the top of their class just work hard, set a goal. It doesn't matter what AGE you are you can do anything once you have your mind set.

CeeCeeVail: Always Willing to Help Those in Need

Girl of the Moment Winner: @CeeCeeVail One day while I was at work there was a little girl who came in my store but didn't have enough money to buy anything to drink, she looked like she was going to pass out and no one from her school would buy her anything, so i used my money that i needed for lunch and i bought her something to eat, drink, and snack on then i walked her to first aid. The next day when I came to work I received a promotion for taking the initiative to help the little girl out in a time of need. Name: Ishalcie (Pronounced I-Shall-See) Age: 17 Interview with @CeeCeeVail 1. What was your first thought when you saw the little girl? I became angry because no one from her school would help her 2. Was this your first time helping someone at work? No this wasn't my first time. 3. How did it feel knowing you helped someone in need? Yes it"s always someone in need of help when you work at Kings Dominion 4. How excited were you to find out you got a promotion? Yes I was so happy I thought that I would get fired because we are not supposed to do that.

cwalsh44: Helping Students With Disabilities

Girl of the Moment Winner: @cwalsh44 In my past years in Middle School, during my free period, instead of going outside, hanging out with my friends, or getting a head start on homework, I would go to what is called the "guided room" at my school. The guided room is a classroom that fosters a program for kids my age with disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome. I would go there everyday. Some days, we would all cook together while other days we would do crafts together. I developed a very strong relationship with one of the kids and his mother has thanked me numerous times for helping him. I have since graduated from Middle School and I am trying now to create a program like this now in High School. Name: Caitlin Age: 14 Interview 1. What made you decide to spend your free-time in the "guided room"? I chose to spend my time there because it was a chance to give back to those not as fortunate as me while still having fun and helping others.   2. Did you ever inspire others to also work in the "guided room"? I actually got most of my friends to come with me during lunch and free period to help with these kids and they loved it!   3. Did you ever tutor the students or were you more involved with activities? I never tutored them but I did go to some school dances with them!   4. Have you become involved in any similar programs since you graduated Middle school? I have

romeooromeo: The Kitchen Queen

Girl of the Moment Winner: @romeooromeo Over the past six months, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at a local camp. It's a christian camp that has a lot of activities that go on around the year, and I've worked in the kitchen at some of those times. Working in the kitchen is a lot of fun, but it includes hard work as well. There's prep, serving and cleanup to do. Making pizzas is always a lot of fun. Eggs? Not so much. The pans are always such a hassle to clean, afterwards my arms feel like noodles (if you ever clean four of them, you'll know what I mean). There's always jokes going around the kitchen, contests to see who can scrub a pan the fastest, occasional water fights with the hoses from the sinks... I've learned to do a lot of things and I feel so welcome there. Sure, you don't always get appreciated by the people you're serving, but the feeling of helping out is worth a lot more. Name: Abby Age: 15    Interview with @romeooromeo 1. What were some of the challenges you faced working in the kitchen? Waking up really early. I'm not really a morning person, but I had to wake up early every morning to prep   2. What was your favourite part about volunteering? Being able to volunteer with my friends. Having friends with you always makes things fun.   3. What were some of the things you learned there? I learned to be a better servant. You really have to listen, to learn.

yogner18: This Girl of the Moment is an Activist in the Making

Girl of the Moment Winner: @yogner18 As the 2013-2015 acting president of my schools' Social Action Club, I led us to raising over $1,000 for a well in Eastern Africa. It was truly a team effort; we sold arts and crafts that we made, raised awareness for the issue by taking a vow of silence and raising money for each hour we didn't talk, and so many other cool things. As an incentive for the work we did, we got to attend WeDay Seattle and we learned a lot of amazing things about change-making. We hope to raise enough money to build an entire well ($5,000) and raise local and global awareness about the issue.               Name: Mehar Age: 13 Interview with @yogner18 1. What made you decide to raise money for a well in Africa? When Social Action Club was born, we all agreed on raising money for wells in Africa because water is what controls many other important issues including water-born diseases and equal education rights for both males and females. 2. Has your “Social Action Club” been involved in any other fundraisers? As well as raising money for a well in Eastern Africa, we've also put together school assemblies, collected over 600 pounds of food for the local food bank, and organized a TEDx event at our school with the theme being Youth Who Are Changing the World. 3. What sort of “change-making” did you learn about at WeDay? At WEDay, we were inspired by a combination of live motivational speakers and celebrities who taught

Oshara: Absolutely Artistic

Girl of the Moment Winner: @Oshara i am the only one who can draw well and i give people my art for free they come and tell me it has done alot of impact in there life because i write bible verses in them Age: 12 Name: Oshara   Interview With @Oshara   1. How long have you been drawing? From small days 2. Do you take any kind of art classes? I have been drawing 3. Do you like any other forms of art besides drawing? (i.e. painting) No I don't take drawing class. 4. Why did you decide to put bible verses in your artwork? Yes I do like painting 5. How has you art helped to impact peoples lives? I am a Christian .

Margaux123: Queen of Creativity

Meet Girl of the Moment: @margaux123 I enjoy doing ballet. I love sewing and and art. I try my best in school. I like ice cream and movies. I have lots of friends. I LOVE reading an writing. I'm neat and organized.I can knit and sew. On friday nights I like to watch movies. I'm an actress and a singer. I am also VERY creative. I'm in fifth grade with a teacher I do not like. I love old kids movies and I love Lucy. Age: 10 Name: Margaux   Interview with @margaux123   1. How long have you been doing ballet? I have been doing ballet for seven years and i am on pointe shoes. 2. What is your favorite kind of art? My favorite type of art is abstract art and my favorite artist is De Vinci. 3. What is your favorite book or series? My favorite book series is the Raina Telegiemier series like Smile drama and sisters. 4. What do you like to write about? I like to write whatever like witch stories and sometimes life stories. 5. What other ways do you show your very creative side? I like to show my creativity side by dancing sometimes i just listen to some music and start dancing. One time me and my dance class make up an awesome dance. My dance teacher even asks for ideas. I also paint and sew and knit i learn almost everything from my sister my mom and my grandma.

Vldrlng: Stunning Seamstress

Meet Girl of the Moment: @Vldrlng I like to sew and crochet, but one of the things I like to do the most is make purses out of recycled can tabs! I ask my friends to save up can tabs from whenever they drink a can of pop, and once I have enough collected, I stitch them together with brightly colored yarn, sew on a matching zipper, and crochet a strap. The straps I make for them are removable, too - I always include a wrist strap and a shoulder strap. If you want, you can take off the strap entirely and use it as a wallet or makeup bag! In the future I plan on selling these, but right now I've only made them for myself and friends/family. I've even thought about teaching some of my friends to do this with me, so they're easier (and more fun!) to make. I'd also like to try making other things with recycled can tabs - they're really cool!   Age: 14 Name: Valerie   Interview with @Vldrlng 1. When did you become interested in crocheting? I've been interested in things like crocheting for as long as I can remember, but I only started learning around 4 years ago. 2. What made you decide to make purses out of can tabs? I saw some expensive purses in a gift shop made out of can tabs, and I decided to try and make my own! 3. Have you ever crocheted anything besides purses and wallets? Oh, definitely! I've made hats and scarves as well, and I'm working