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book reviews on The Handbook

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I’m happy to share with you a book review of the new book, ‘The Handbook’ by  Jim Benton

Review written by our Miss O Intern @Paris_

This book is about three kids, Jack, Mike, and Maggie. They’re all neighbors and share one thing in common, they can’t stand their parents. Their parents always tell them the same thing such as “You have to sit here until you finish your food” or “Do you want to fall and break your neck?”. Then one day their neighbor Mr. Wallace comes back from just moving to Florida saying he has lost something very important. It turned out it was a book about radishes! The kids suspected something though, they knew there was more to that book. So they found it and kept it for themselves. In the book was something amazing. But you have to read the book to find out what they discovered and how it might of changed their lives.

This book was really good it incorporated mystery, adventure and humor all in one. I really liked how, as a kid I could really relate to some of the things their parents said to them. It was a funny book to read and put a smile on my face. I would recommend it to any elementary aged child. I think they would really like it. Overall it was really fun to be able to read this and I like how Jim Benton writes and how he incorporates a lot of relative things in his writing while making it funny and fun to read. 

I hope you go and read the book now!

If you want to buy the book click ‘The Handbook‘.


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