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Meet the EWC Project Writers!

There are a group of super talented writers currently on Miss O and friends who are in the process of putting together a EWC project, which stands for Every Writer Contributes! If you want to be a part of this project, go to the links below! Hope to see you there! Left to right: Meet the soon-to-be writers in the EWC Project! Chapter 1 @caraboo11 Chapter 2 @princesspoopsi Chapter 3 @sydneytale Chapter 4 @stgs638 Hi!! I joined EWC because I realized how few there were in the group. It is also a great way to feel welcome to Miss O. My profile  says my age, just to clear that up and my state. I like to sing, draw, read, write. I am striving to get all A’s in my classes for the last week of school. I play the clarinet in my school band, and will be learning the guitar soon. Chapter 5 @diydancer2005 Chapter 6* Nobody here! But guess what? You could be in my next post, right in this place! How? It's easy! All you have to do is go to my topic at: Click to go to group and be a part of the EWC project!! To see more information on how to join! * Even if nobody else but the people on the list join, there will still be a Chapter 6. But the last chapter will be decided by the EWC Club who will write it.

Writer’s Block Story Ideas

Have Writer's block every time you want to write a Fiction book? Always thinking of the best ideas for a book... but then never getting to them or not finishing them? Well I have a solution for one of them atleast, cause I'm always thinking of ideas but can't finish them. So I thought I'd write down some of my ideas I've had recently, and maybe you can take them if you have Writers Block. Feel free to just take parts of the story ideas and change my not-so-good titles any way you want! Note: If you take these ideas don't forget to tell me when you write a story about it or based on it. You don't have to give credit cause I'm allowing people to use them. #1: Wrong Category When 3 new kids come to Riffledor Middle School in the middle of NH, USA, they expect they'll be the same type of kid they were before, John the jock, Rebecca the popular girl, Joeseph the nerd, and Samantha the loser, the one with no friends, the most unpopular. But even from the first day they find out this School isn't anything like their old one, and when they do the same tricks they did last year, it places them in the wrong category. What are they gonna do? (Queue for you to decide what happens next) #2: (Coming Soon!)

Miss O and Friends Tip #11 For The New Comers!

Miss O and Friends Tip #11 For New Users Note: Go to 10 Miss O and Friends Tips to see the first 10! Never put 2 or more links while commenting in the Home of any group: Instead, separate your comment in to 2 parts, making each time you need another link you make a new post. This only goes for the Home, so do what you want for anything BUT the home of any group, and also some other places. Why: Many spammers will have lots of links in there comments. Why? I'm not sure. But I know that many websites will try to not have spammers by making any part of the site that is Social with no reviewing before posting have a rule: 2 or more links? Your out. I was going to do that and it didn't work, saying there was a "problem." It's really because you should break up your comment if it's on a part of the site that's not reviewed before posting. Happy commenting!

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Caution, Girls!

Caution, Girls! Safety Comes First. Have you ever been asked by someone online to give your email address, and not known whether to? Well, here's how you can solve the problem. Giving away email addresses to people you don't know online can be a bad idea. Cause online, there's a disadvantage to the internet. You can't tell who is behind it. The person could also be a spammer, and once a spammer grabs hold of an email address, they can get long lists to sell to other spammers. That probably wont happen, but publicly posting your address online can lead to "crawlers" made by spammers to find your email address. I recently got an email, stating: "Hello, My name is (name). Viewing and going through your profile address today has made me to became interested in you, I will also like to know you more, and I want you to send an email to my email address so that i can send you my picture, for you to know and see who I am. Here is my email address: (email address), believe me, we can move from here!  I am waiting for your mail to my email address above, (name)." When I got this email, I had to put parentheses in places with personal information. Another thing to be suspicious about, is if you find that the EXACT MESSAGE has been replicated in a lot of places. This can show that they might be trying to collect email addresses, and will get hold on them once you send them an email. So if you get a

Riddle: Can You Guess These Famous People?

Riddle: Can You Recognize These Famous People? These are 2 people who are widely known over America now! Here is how they looked like: Or at least when they were young! See if you can guess who they are! I could only figure one out. The other one is SUPER hard! Good for you if you get it right! And they are right now about the same age, so even though one is in black and white (I dunno why) there was still color photography back then only it was not that popular. Or at least I think that. I'm going to leave that for a week and say the answers a week from now.

What do I do on the first day?!

Hi I'm @francaellerman and as I write this, it is actually the last day of School! Hello Summer, here I come! But this isn't about the LAST day, it's about the FIRST day. I'm in 5th Grade, so next year I'll be in 6th Grade. Being in Elementary School was pretty easy, knowing everyone there. Our 5th Grade Social Structure doesn't have much drama, and isn't ruled by being cool or other reasons. It's almost perfect. But now that I'll be going to Middle School, I need to be ready for the other strange kids from other Schools. How do they do School? How do they dress? How do they act? Anything they don't do might seem strange to them. I know you have to make new friends, cause there's always somebody who's been waiting to move on. Then it starts a chain reaction of friends leaving each other. So I have to be ready for anything, for my friends to leave me, if they find something else (Like popularity in the whole School instead of our old School) seems more important. And First Impressions can be all the difference sometimes. So what image should I make of myself? If you've already past the first year of Middle School (6th Grade) then tell me some tips! What image should I convey? A tomboy? A in-the-middle-girl? And how! Give me Tips in the comments below, and if you feel like an expert, make a whole post about it and mention me!

About COPPA and 13+ Social Media

You arrive at a website, and find out you really like it. After checking it out, you see it's a social media! So you go to the sign up page, and it asks for your age. You type in your age and - BOOM! - you can't cause you're underage. I just hate it when this happens, cause then I know that I'll have to wait about 2 years till I can use a huge percentage of the internet's social medias. I don't know if you've seen the Miss O ads, but many times they say "100% COPPA Compliant". COPPA: That's cause of a law called COPPA that says any commercial (as in they earn money) company cannot take any personal information that lets them have contact with kids under 13. But it's another story if the site IS a social media. Then I think that it might have to meet some requirements and then the child has to ask for a parents permission, many times through parent verification in email. Miss O does that. Reading the Terms of Service: But of course this doesn't always happen. SOMETIMES it doesn't ask for your age. You may seem happy and think "Woohoo! Finally, a site that actually is 13- too!" You go along and check the "I agree to the Terms of Service". The thing is nobody reads the Terms of Service. Cause then you'll find most likely in the "Eligibility" section something that says kids under 13 can't use the site. So when you're signing up for something and it asks for your email

Social Media Usernames Guide

How to Pick a Cool Username Have you ever wondered what username you should use on a social media? Well here is your one and only Username Guide! First Question: Without any rules on whether to use your name or not, do you like to use your real name, or do you prefer to use a screen name other than your real name? Cause if you don't like to use your name, then skip this and go to the "I don't want to use my real name" section. If you DO like to use your name, (I always do) then here is your guide for what different websites will say. This part is mostly for 13- cause most 13+ sites don't have these rules, but you can still read it! :) No Rules Site: If the site has no rules on whether you shouldn't use your name, put your first and last name. Try to avoid doing something like "Franca E." because there could be another one like that, especially if you have a common name and last name first letter. Try to do something like "Franca Ellerman". And if you have an ESPECIALLY common name like "John Smith" or something, then put in your middle name initial. (So like "Franca S. Ellerman") Semi-Name Rules Site: Some sites might say "No last names" or something that only moderately affects putting your name. In this case, use all the parts of your full name as possible. If you end up with not much, then find what will be your not-name emergency screen name. Make it

Calling all Readers!

If you want to read a part of a book every week by me, read this post! I'm planning on posting part of a book I will write every week. This will be a follow-up to another project I will do for all Writers interested in it. But for now, I need ideas for what this story will be about. So I thought to myself, "How can I get a good idea that readers on Miss O and Friends will like?". And then it hit me. The readers can tell me, of course! If you are SURE YOU WOULD READ A STORY LIKE THAT, then say your idea for what it should be about in the comments below. I will make it part of a quiz for anyone who WOULD BE WILLING TO READ THE STORY to vote on. *Please only comment your idea if you are SURE that at least one person (that one person could be you) would be willing to read a story with that story idea/theme.*