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To: Juliette
From: Lyndsay
Subject: School

I love school, except for one thing: Math. I currently have a C in it, and my problem is my math teacher! When she tries to help me, it lowers my confidence because no matter how hard I try to get a question right, I get it incorrect! The teacher acts like I'm not bright in general because I am not smart in math. How do I improve my grade and my confidence?

To: Lyndsay
From: Juliette
Subject: School

It's awesome that you love school and it sounds to me like you are good at it, but just struggling in math and you are right- that doesn't make you not bright. Unfortunately, not all teachers are good teachers and the fact that she is making you feel not bright because you aren't good in math is ridiculous. Don't let her make you feel that way- you are better than that and just know that. Just because she teaches you in one subject, doesn't mean she knows how you are as a student overall. She might not be the right teacher for you, so there are few things I would suggest. Maybe talk with your guidance counselor about the possibility of switching out of her class. There might be another teacher whose teaching methods will be better for you. If switching out of her class isn't an option, maybe look to another teacher or outside source to help tudor you in math. On a personal note, I always struggled with math, but it wasn't because I wasn't actually good at it, it was because I thought I wasn't good at it. For some reason, it scared me and I always thought I couldn't do it. This might not be the case for you, but if math scares you, don't let it. But also, don't be too hard on yourself if you are still struggling. You might be in a math class that is too hard for you (that happens!) and it's nothing to be embarrassed about... and it definitely does NOT make you a not bright person. Good luck!

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HappyFace112, 14 posted: 12/31/2014
I have the same problem my teacher is mean and I am not good in math I got this app on my phone its called study man and flash cards help to. Prove to your teacher that you are smart. Good Luck.

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