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To: Juliette
From: zosiabean
Subject: Friends

Hi Juliette, I have a friend problem. I've known my best friend for 7 years, but a few years ago she moved away. Sometimes she'll email me or skype me but she hardly ever answers. Sometimes she forgets my birthday or my middle name. My mom says she's not a good friend; what should I do?

To: zosiabean
From: Juliette
Subject: Friends

I'm sorry to hear that about your friend. It can be hard when someone moves away and it will definitely be a test of your friendship. It seems like you are putting in a lot of effort to this maintain this friendship and from what you are describing, she doesn't seem to be putting in the same amount. That isn't fair to you that you are making all the effort and she isn't. I have to agree with your mom that she doesn't seem like a good friend. Maybe you should just lay low for a little and not contact her as much and see what happens. Maybe she will start reaching out to you. If her friendship is really important to you and it bothers you that she hardly answers you, you could always let her know how you feel. Just be aware that with her track record of not responding to you, you might not get the response you are looking for. Sometimes, even though it's really hard, letting go of a friend is the right choice because it will allow you to find a better friend.

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breathemusic, 13 posted: 01/03/2014
Don't worry, she may just be having a stressful time right now. She may not be the best friends,but don't let go of her just because she can't talk so much. Tell her that you noticed, and then hopefully she will try to put aside more time. I understand both of you guys, but stress, family problems, school, sports, extra curricular things, and pets take up major time. <3 BreatheMusic

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