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To: Juliette
From: imalyssadenise
Subject: Self_confidence

hey, im alyssa. previously i just broke up with my boyfriend... and because of that i tend to always think about the negative stuff, because of the break up it lowered my self confidence like i always think that he broke up with me because im ugly (i wear glasses) or because im not good enough. im always the one who gets left behind. i talk about it with some of my friends but they always say "no alyssa youre like so pretty a lot of guys like you and are dying to go out with you." but even though a lot of guys like me doesnt mean i can be happy right? everyday i just feel so sad and like incomplete. :(

To: imalyssadenise
From: Juliette
Subject: Self_confidence

Hi Alyssa, I'm sorry to hear that you are going thru such a hard time right now. It seems like you are determining your self worth based on what other people think of you. Like you said, just because a lot of guys like you doesn't mean you can be happy. That's true because you need to figure out how to be happy regardless if you have a boyfriend, or boys like you or your friends tell you how pretty and great you are. Sometimes when you're in a relationship, insecurities might go away temporarily because you are happy with that person. But when it ends, you blame those things you are insecure about on why the relationship ended. If you think about before you and your boyfriend started dating, where the things you mention insecurities of yours then? And besides breaking up with your boyfriend, can you think about what is it that is causing you to have these as insecurities? I can tell you that 1. glasses don't make you ugly (they're actually really cool these days!) and 2. that you ARE good enough... but it isn't going to matter until you believe those things yourself. What I would suggest as a starting point is finding a couple things that you really like about yourself. It could be as simple as you like the way your hair looks in a ponytail or you think you have cute handwriting. Start finding those things that you ARE secure about and just make a mental note to yourself like, "My hair looks good today!" or "I love my new glasses!" If you can start doing that, you'll have these small things to feel good about, which can help you find other things you feel good about too! If you are really struggling and are just constantly sad, I would also suggest talking to an adult you trust, a guidance counselor or a therapist. They can help you see things that you might not see and suggest other ways you can feel better. Hang in there and remember the Miss O community is here for you too! Xoxo, Juliette

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kachu, 19 posted: 03/13/2014
Agreed! Maintaining a relationship so long is very tough. ppl who balance it , really great awww lucky to have such ppl as partner is equal to evrything, no comparsion. ALYSSA While you fight n anger Just hav a lip lock By this ur relationship becomes strong Long n lasting. if he dont want to see you any more ,please request him once to meet sort out everything after, even though he want to break up with you. be strong and be brave. just think he loosing a pretty good ,understanding girl. he is unlucky to leave go head , you have great beautiful future. god made a lovely partner to every one. :) trust me

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