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To: Juliette
From: goodgirl193
Subject: Bullying

My whole class hates me but only 2 people are my friends.I get kicked and punched a lot. What should i do besides telling(already tried they don't listen)?

To: goodgirl193
From: Juliette
Subject: Bullying

I'm so sorry to hear that you are being bullied in class! First of all, your teacher should definitely be doing something to help the situation. Have you spoken to your teacher or anyone in school about it? If not, you need to do that immediately. You say that you have 2 friends in your class so I also suggest that you talk with them about helping you stand up for yourself in class. They might be able to support you and back you up when others are being mean. Your classmates are bullying you because they are insecure with themselves and jealous of you. Keep that in the back of your head when and know that you are better than them for not bullying anyone.

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carolinecking14, 14 posted: 03/21/2015
I like this boy and I think he likes me back! what should I do miss O?

crazy89rishi, 13 posted: 03/07/2015
thats horrible. Your class is horrible I hate bullies,all you have to do is tell someone like a teacher ,parent etc. you have to yell at them 'why are you doing this!' find why they are such stuck ups .if your friends are truly friends ask them to help you. Stand up to them

goodgirl193, 16 posted: 02/20/2015
Thanks you rock p.s when i am mad i listen to britt nichole's songs

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